"To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Buckminster Fuller



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Intro to: #CommonPlanet

                                                                                                                        by: iPaemer


   Why haven't humans ever found Freedom?


Because there have always been Masters!


   What if I told you there is a way for us to end global poverty, homelessness, Masters, Nuclear weapons, and War, would you believe me?  Of course you wouldn’t, but guess what?  You'd be wrong.


   Ever hear the saying, "there is no alternative!"?  Many believe the world is out of control and that we are powerless to do anything about it.  However, it’s the people who question conventional wisdom who keep humanity progressing.  Those people are my heroes.


   If there is one thing in this World that I know to be 100% true, it is this:


Everything changes, all the time!


   Our history shows Society constantly transforming.  Despite all the past changes, one thing remains the same, regrettably: Humankind's struggle for freedom.


   With tremendous joy and optimism, we present you with a 'Common Planet', a new way of Life with Liberty, Security and Opportunity for every person on Earth.


   It is said the definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  It's time for a new game of Life, but this time, without debt, without taxes, and without Masters.  It's time for self-rule.  Do you want to play?


   To start with, we all keep what we have- our homes, land, property, vehicles, and possessions.  We live where we live and we work where we work, for now.


   First: Full Liberty, once and for all.

   You have the right to freedom of speech, mind and religion. You have the total right and responsibility to control your own body.  These rights shall never be challenged again.  You don’t want someone telling you what to think, say, or put in your body— neither do I.  You have the right to vote directly on matters that concern you locally or globally.


   Second: Security.

   Every person will become title holder and caretaker of housing or property as a guaranteed right.  You will be responsible; it will be yours free from all debt, insurance, rent, or taxes.  You will enjoy upward mobility with the opportunity to move anywhere, trade, swap, or upgrade.  We do have a detailed plan for this but for now, let’s just say that everyone will have free guaranteed housing.

   It is illegal to develop nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.  It is illegal to assault, rape, or kill any person, except, of course, in self-defense.  If you do harm to others with intent, you will be personally responsible for these crimes against humanity and will be judged by a jury of peers.


   Third: Opportunity.

   All existing currency and debts are eliminated.  Each person will receive a new digital Reward currency account starting with a base amount of about 3,000 Reward times their age, plus most existing assets will also be converted to the new digital currency.

   In addition, everyone gets a Universal Basic Income— an automatic Reward payment of the exact same amount regardless of age— every month.  This amount should be enough to pay for basic necessities like food and clothing.  As an example, let’s say it's 300 Reward per month.

   In Common Planet, a person earns Reward for their labor and time directly from the system on a voluntary basis.  It is created when you earn it and deducted when you buy things.


   What is Reward?  It is like today’s money, but designed only as a tool of exchange, without the power to corrupt and control.   You can not transfer your Reward to any person directly!  Reward is the currency used for the buying and trading of real limited resources only— things like food, clothing, furnishings, entertainment, transportation, housing, and vacations.  This allows for a true free market of finite resources.


   Now that you have a Reward currency account, universal basic income, and guaranteed housing, what about work?  In Common Planet, how you choose to spend your time becomes an opportunity for you to earn Reward.  When you work any job; go to school; read; teach; write; take classes; create art; play music; exercise; play sports; care for children, the needy, or elderly, you will earn Reward.


   Needless to say all work is done on a volunteer basis.  You work where you want to work for the Reward, and you help to create work too.  This can be a free market of labor.  Finally, society can Reward people for doing good instead of allowing Masters to coerce and force people to do bad.


   Now, let’s talk about Corporations.  We turn them all into worker self-directed Groups.  This means the workers run everything themselves democratically (see Michael Albert's 'Parecon', Richard Wolff, The Next System).  These Groups exist only to provide a service or produce a product based on the demands of the people.  They compete toward the goal of creating the best upgradeable renewable commodities using environmental and sustainable methods.


   Groups can be created or disbanded, and any properties, equipment or land that becomes unregistered is made available to other groups and/or individuals as the local Community determines democratically, similar to the way a Library functions.


   However, Groups do not sell products or services for a profit.  How then do they buy their raw materials?


   Each City will have a Community Credit account.  It will be funded with an amount of 50 units per citizen every month.  Local citizens can then organize and vote on where to direct those monies.  Think of it as Civic Crowd-funding.  These credits are then given directly to Groups to use in their Reward accounts to purchase the supplies they need. In addition, every person also gets 50 Community Credits every month to self fund Groups of their choosing.


   Imagine how the world changes when there is no Reward in killing animals, overfishing, or deforestation. We can finally begin to restore habitats and be good stewards of the gift that is earth, our shared home.


   Instead of slaving ourselves for a paycheck to a system that seeks profit only  enslaves us all with debt, we seek personal Reward


   Imagine the entire world focusing our efforts on education, building renewable energy, growing healthier food, and improving our medical, housing, and transportation infrastructure.  Is that not what life's all about?  At present, there is no cohesive plan that addresses these needs for our global community.


   Where does money come from now?  It's all make believe.  The first Money in use came as metal coins (Silver & Gold), then paper, and now it's mostly just a digital number on a screen somewhere.  At present, money is power.  It is the most powerful tool in the history of the World!  You might think that it is we the citizens or our Governments that issue or control the money; yet, it is not!


   Private Central Banks are essentially the only ones who get to create money and decide its value.  We don't even know how much money the Banks or the rich actually possess, do we?  They basically own everything, enslave 99% of the rest of us to fight in servitude, taking away our very livelihood.


   Why do we allow such a small group of people to have this much power?  More importantly, how do we deny them this power so they can never Master us again?


   EASY: we create a new universal Reward = R currency. With R, we strip away the corrupting power of money by re-purposing it into what it was originally designed for, as a tool for exchange of limited products.  This allows for a true 'free market' of 'things'.


   Utilities such as Energy, Water, Internet, Cable and Cell service will mostly be free, except for those who want to use way more than the average- perhaps that might cost you some R.  Though, as we build and improve technologies, 'costs' will go down, and eventually more and more 'things' will become free, like food, clothing, products, even transportation; maybe this can lead Society toward that elusive dream of the Resource Based Economy (RBE).


   Anything with a production cost of ZERO, will be free, of course.  This includes all digital content: music, books, movies, games etc.  Right now, you might be thinking, if these things are free, how do the producers of that content get incentivized?  First, those producers will have earned R for their time; and additionally, the more 'in demand' or 'valuable' the content, Society can reward them with a Bonus payment of R.  In fact, Bonuses can and will be earned by any individual or group through competition or simply from executing and producing extraordinary feats in Society.  It could be a teacher, scientist, doctor, farmer, writer, artist, musician, inventor, police, firefighter, pilot, and athletes too.


    We the people can set up all kinds of incentives using Bonus R to reward those that excel in their respective fields; in all areas of interest to People and Society.  Also, the more experience and expertise one achieves will earn more Reward per hour in pay.


   You can buy gifts for others using your own R, within acceptable limits; but you can not transfer your R to any person directly!  It is created when you earn it, deducted in exchange for real products only, and dies when you die.  So, good luck trying to coerce people with gifts when they already have true Liberty and full Equality.  No person shall ever be desperate again!


   In the future, people will wonder with disbelief how we could ever allow people to create make believe Corporations, enslave people while amassing more wealth and power than the storied Kings and Monarchies of old.  What a joke.  I'd laugh if it weren't our current reality.


   All people in banking, stock brokerage, money speculating, insurance, sales, advertising, tax collecting, middle managing, real estate, telemarketing, the military, spying, the NSA, DEA, IRS, CIA, bureaucrats, lobbying, prostitution, whore jobs of any kind and most accounting will be free to choose something more productive to pursue with their time as those 'jobs' serve no purpose whatsoever to the person or to their community.


   Copyrights, patents, secrets are all a thing of the past.  The same goes for intentional misinformation.  How much of the 'scientific' or 'academic' research done today is true and real?   And how much is done in the pursuit of making or protecting profit?   We don't even know.  Such is the corrupting power of money- we have allowed it to so completely warp our principles and morals.  That's going to be an embarrassing blemish on our history right there by itself.


   There was the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, both eras in which knowledge and new ideas were embraced and realized.  Then came along the 20th Century which gave rise to Public Relations and the mass manipulation of information, the destroyers of knowledge and innovation... yet it continues.


   To put it into perspective: if you have a profitable liquid in the ground called oil, is there any limit to what you would do to protect and increase the value of that commodity?  There is not.  We have little idea how much technology and innovation have been quashed due to greed.  And although too many people do nasty things in justification of trying to 'earn' a living, people are not evil!  The system we live under drives the evil that is happening full force... yet it continues.


   This mass information manipulation could potentially doom our species if we let it continue.  Let’s hope that it's not yet too late.


   Imagine, having the right to develop our human capacities more fully; the free time to become more active Citizens; to finally use our free time for something other than escaping from work.  This is why EarthVote was created: for all people on Earth to live in an environment of opportunity and autonomy rather than scarcity and control.  If we can accomplish this goal, we can promote the positive change we wish to see in the world.


  We invite you to get involved however best you can support this work... are these ideas worth a coffee?


   “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a child of the Universe.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.  We are all meant to shine, as children do.  We were born to make manifest the glory that is within us.  It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone.  And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.  As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Marianne Williamson, "A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles"



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