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What Others are Saying about Common Planet





Adelina, thank you for sharing this with me. I and many others want this. We can work for it.


New Mexico, USA

It looks really good and I believe in this. No money to give right now, I live subsistently and am bz with the current resistance. It"d be helpful if u had a newsfeed to follow in the future


I appreciate your desire to improve upon our current failed socio-economic experiment however I fear that the only way to move the masses to change is by a further sliding into a worsening state of affairs followed by a turbulent period to enact the necessary change.


Sandton, South Africa

Perfect thinking, I like it. Will follow properly midday. Thanx


Sorry it took me so long - too much email!  In reading this I have come up with a couple of issues.  1) TRANSITIONING  How do you envision this becoming real?  Are we talking about settling Mars? or reinventing the USA?  Or a small island perhaps?  2)GOVERNING Who determines the R value of labor or physical item? Who maintains the records of who has earned or been awarded what?


This is the first of me hearing of #CommonPlanet but i would love to learn more and contribute to its growth


Minneapolis, MN, USA

Just made the time to read...I'm on board with you.  Like TZM.  I long for a time when the Masters can be tamed.  But sadly, Decadence, Religion and Fear sre just too much to overcome.  I've come to realize that too many are not altruistic :(


Melbourne, Australia         hi Adelina, I'm a Portland native and UO alum now living in Melbourne, Australia. I've just read the basic tenets of #CommonPlanet and would not stand as an opponent. Without any intent to suppress your ambitions or be overly "reasonable" I'll just say that it may take a great chaotic event (natural or man-made) to jolt the masses out of their submission to the Masters of Capital. Whether or not you see it as fortunate, recent events seem to be setting on us on a path towards just such a cataclysm. I'm not a huge fan of global government, as I believe you need to have local leadership close enough to be held accountable. I could envision, however, the use of modern communications allowing for local representatives to collaborate globally. Good luck!


St. Paul, MN, USA

Your ideas and mine are not far apart. We both share a compassion for our fellow humans.  I would love to participate.  Thank you!


I just checked out the page and I am certainly in agreement with your purpose and your mission statement! Thank you for being such a positive light to the world and I will be sure to spread the message and donate when possible!


Wow! Great idea. I am interested to know how it can be done.


Pays de la Loire, France         That's great. I'll like to offer my help by traducing this in french. In order to spread your will.  May I?


Love your spirit and mission. I am on board, I have always envisioned a world that worked in harmony. It seems more like a road map for future generations to follow; capitalism will ruin everything first. It'll be difficult to persuade and change the way affluent people run things, can't un-corrupt the corrupted. I'll help share your vision&voice. I agree with Uruguay's comments. Sending love&light to your mission.


It is really interesting and an upheaval task, nonetheless achievable.


Jamaica,    All the very best to you in your endeavours!!! You have a beautiful mission. God Bless you, Adelina!!  Very nice and inspirational.


Haughton, LA, USA       I did read the intro, and it's a grand scale to comprehend.  The young people of earth may be able to accomplish some of the deeds defined.  The older generation in America is now in a battle to just survive .  Our resources are limited as well as our remaining time.  I support your efforts and hope you are successful.



Thanks!  I will take a look at it. More than ever we need to get together in a constructive way. It's fine to be critical but without proposals it's futile.  Hi, I am getting there with your plan, very interesting. I will send you some comments soon. I like it a lot! Thank you for your time and effort. I will be posting some comments tonight.


IN, USA       You are an amazing young woman! Wow I'm so happy we have a younger generation like you to look forward to! Thanks for what you are doing, it's amazing!  I read a lot of it the other day I will go back and see and def give u my opinion! (I'm sure I love it!)  Gotta go at the moment....3 busy after school time hehe


Wow. This is an amazing concept. I'd love to write about permaculture and the corruption of our nation's healthcare industry. As well as the benefits of hemp in making biodegradable plastics, etc!


Portland OR, USA

Not gonna lie, I thought you were a crazy person for a second haha but the Common Planet document is actually a pretty good plan for global libertarian socialism. I probably don't agree with all of it but that's ok. What are you trying to do with the site? Are you trying to build it into an organization or just have literature?



Astonishingly, you have a friend in us. Fortunately, that is our heartbeat at child & GREEN FOUNDATION.. Hope you have a model which we can introduce to 100 hundreds of our volunteers in Nigeria. Thanks.  Glued to your web portal.  Thumb u


IL, USA      Wow what a world it would be if we could all live that way, I totally agree and will show wife,friends, relatives who share same beliefs. We may join pretty soon


Adilena, I looked over the website and will think about your proposed solution a bit more.   My current leanings are toward:

1. Classic liberal (john locke, john rawls, etc.) society with basic human/individual rights protected by, and sometimes from, an inclusive democratic government

2. Greater self-sufficiency to gain independence. We have forgotten how to raise our own food and how to maintain the objects in our lives, like leaky faucets

3.  Learning to embrace and appreciate the natural world.  It is all around. I bike to work in a major city. Biking tonight through a rough, high-crime area, two deer were grazing in a vacant lot. The enjoyment of nature needn't be a luxury.

The one good thing about the daily trauma that we are experiencing is that people like you are getting active and trying to make the world better.   Thanks,


Bahrain             I wish I could join this movement. Unfortunately I don't reside in the US. Nor am I American. (It's global. Has nothing to do with America - Adelina)

Oh OK. I saw a few senate phone numbers and assumed.. Never mind. I will check out your site. Thank you so much.

Dear Adelina, this is a beautiful dream of freedom, peace and respect. However.. I'm not too sure about the idea of having digital currency "Rewards" instead of actual tangible currency like Gold or Silver. Digital currency has many risks, like manipulation and hacks. You may want to rethink that. Especially if people in the future become more grounded and finally return back to the natural ways and connect with Mother Earth, technology wouldn't be very desirable. And could threaten the existence of the digital Reward system. Just a thought.



I've known for years that greed and evil is born from the private, fractional reserve Bankster System. Capitalism, growth at any cost is predatory to workers and environment. Worked owned enterprise is the answer. Richard Wolf is leading the effort. Massive undertaking. But spread of knowledge is first start. I applaud your efforts.


PA, USA     I hope you get a lot of support.  Just don't give up or get discouraged.  I always critique what I see (character defect, I guess), but you're working toward a dream of equality and life.  Good for you.


Makes me want to move to Portland, I will help in any way possible


Greece     I like it - that was my first impression. Now I need to think about it. I'll write you more when I do. Gonna read it again. Logistical questions, mostly. Like, how do you get the world, which is composed of discreet nations, governments, to agree to this world vision?  And more.


Portland, OR, USA     Thanks for sharing this info with me and for following up! I've been spending a lot of time focusing on some career developments so I haven't had much time to thoughtfully respond to the Common Planet. I obviously think there's a lot that's appealing about it. However, I don't know enough about Earth Vote to weigh in on the use of it as a strategy for social change. I am definitely interested in learning more about Earth Vote. Do you have open meetings I can attend? Or more literature I can read up on? I'm originally from rural CO where a lot of the people can't understand concepts like Common Planet because the safety of the current system gives them power/privilege. The fear of relinquishing that power could only be rivaled by a Hilary or Bernie-like candidate.... So while I think concepts like Common Planet are the only feasible ways for true democracy to work, I know we're in the minority... Anyway, I'm absolutely interested in hearing more from Earth Vote. I'll review your website for opportunities to get involved. Please send me any information you want feedback on or however I can help, I am a willing ally.  Thanks for your meaningful work with Earth Vote. In times like these, knowing I'm not alone makes all the difference.  looking forward to learning more. Thanks!


Thank you. I am definitely with you!  I am looking into it.


Virginia, USA    Adelina, I actually did read it. I really liked it -- I'll respond with more soon


Dublin, Ireland     Hi Adelina sounds like something I could get behind. I believe climate justice is central to this


Hi Adelina and  – I read your vision statement. I think it is a wonderful plan and would love to hear more about it – and what kind of responses you have received to date. I am an award winning creative/brand communication professional with a deep passion for humanitarian and environmental issues and initiatives. Please let me know if I can be of any help. My Linkedin profile: /in/  Keep up the great work!! Best, ~Michael


yes i did. its a great idea. i really like it. wish we could implement it!

same thank you so much for doing what your doing!


I have been reading a lot about this. It would conquer many issues that plague our universe. I have read that some countries are putting Common Planet to use! We all know that we are losing jobs because of technology and if our basic needs could be met what an exciting opportunity for many. Something has to give. My email is   I would love to learn more. Thank You, Adelina  It was thought provoking and I want to know more. Yes, My name is Mary.


Wow there's a lot of great stuff in there!! I can see you all have put a lot of time and consideration into it


Read it, I have problems with seeing the past as an idyll, and a Reward system? Sounds like money to me. But, I'd like to now more, and fair play for thinking of alternatives. It needs to be done.



Thank you for checking it out. Definitely I'll see your concept. The mission statement is very ambitious. Feel free to use any of my inspirational posts on Niume :   Keep in touch. Best.


I liked your introduction. Very interesting concepts. You r right. People including yours truly is afraid of major changes. I'm sure the Renaissance etc were dismissed at  first. But a few good people  pursued n persisted n a new period was born.

Unfettered capitalism squashes most advances in technology n medicine. Profit is God  n to be obtained at any costs. Humans r dispensable. We just saw several examples the past week.  Basic necessities are rights not privelges. Shelter, food, basic utilities - water n heat etc are rights. To be accorded to all humans not just to those who can pay for them.

I have to re read n do more research. But I think you are onto something big.

Thank you !!  Pl recommend books on this subject.


Seattle, WA

Hello, just read your synopsis of the program, not sure if I like it completely. I do agree we need to fix the broken systems, however, I am unsure of moving to a complete and total socialist system is the answer either.

I feel that is not challenging people to try or strive for better.

I am a firm believer that together we can and will do anything we set our hearts and minds too.  I would like that, I feel what you are attempting to accomplish is a wonderful thing and would be honored to help in any way I can.


Chicago, IL, USA    I don't think it's for me, thanks anyway


DE, USA      Yes, I have read it, thank you. And I just now read it again. It's interesting and intriguing...but shall take a bit of time for me to "wrap my head around it"...absorb it, so to speak. I shall revisit it now and then until my thoughts on it have "gelled". Thank you and have a good evening. :)


Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi Adelina.   No, I haven't. I have just skipped through your web site's information real quick.  You mention no masters, and total, personal liberty. Yet you mention some things that will be illegal - such as nuclear weaponry.  Can you elaborate on how you imagine to uphold those laws?   Specifically, how do you uphold laws in a society, where no one by definition have no power over me? Since laws is by definition a tool of masters and powers.


Brisbane, Australia    Yeah read it.  Idealistic. Nothing will replace Capitalism apart from our imminent extinction.  Yeah I see the problem clearly.  I don't believe you can change the course of events. Human nature is to exploit the earth and each other and nothing will change this. There are loads of great people out there but collectively as a species we are heading for a massive fall and nothing can stop this. I have accepted this as a forgone conclusion and do what I can to promote awareness but don't hold much hope that things will change. Climate Change is occurring unabated, resource depletion and species extinction will collude to destroy civilization at some point in the future with the real possibility of the extinction of our species.  My email is . Sorry I can't be more positive. Thanks



I just read the Common Planet suggestions and I think it would be a great idea!! The main response I hear is people saying 'It doesn't effect me, why should I worry about it?". The problem is unless ANY problems effects them PERSONALLY, it's difficult to convince them about the critical problems in the world. We CAN feed the world.  We CAN 'assist' other poor countries to become independent and self sufficient and deal in trade. We CAN do so much, but the KEY is MOTIVATING people to care--to have a passion to support ;)


Sounds awesome!  I will share it with everyone.  :D


Hi, I finished reading both links and I really love these ideas! Thank you for sharing

I will be sharing and passing the message/ideas.  Thank you for being a positive light during testing times.  Sincerely, Jennifer


London, UK

I've heard about it and completely agree with it.  I particularly liked  the issue of the "master" because there's  always that powerful, almost omnipotent person/ corporation in charge who seem to do next to nothing for society let alone future generations.



I'd like to help anyway that I can. do you have any suggestions how I can help?



I read paper and had many questions. No where is mentioned human nature and the irrational in us. Greed etc. can't be dismissed. On the plus side incentives for the young works. Let me find time to list specific points on computer. Hard to do on phone. Thank you for caring for our world.


Hi Adelina! I read the manifesto it sounds great. I still have some doubts but definitely want to know more. How can I join to one live stream meeting? Thanks, Patricia  My email is  look forward to hearing from you!


Love this! Just checked it out. I'll definitely be watching the live streams and wishing I was in Oregon. The world needs this! Total support


No, I haven't heard, thanks for sharing.  This is what makes the world a better place.  Peace be with you.  The concept to implement this is great and hopefully one day we will get there.  Norway is far ahead of us with this thought process, we can't even get medical for all, let alone housing which is very disconcerting.

I believe we all have strengths & weaknesses.  If you build on each other's strengths we would have a great start, knowing we all contribute in different ways.


Long Beach, CA, USA

That is a beautiful idea! It may take hundreds or thousands of years to implement something of that magnitude, but why not start now! I support you guys


Very interesting let me fully digest it. I will get back to you about critiques. I like it, need a small working scale model of it.



Thanks!  I will take a look at it. More than ever we need to get together in a constructive way. It's fine to be critical but without proposals it's futile.

Hi, I am getting there with your plan, very interesting. I will send you some comments soon.


Guatemala              Hello there, yes i have read it, it is pretty good i've read something of the Universal Basic Income and the digital currencies i'ts pretty exciting to know that there are a lot of dreamers out there, i will spread the word. Peace.  Thank you for the information Adelina, something BIG is coming...


TX, USA       Very utopian and it's an ideal that has been around since the mid 1960s. I would love to be alive when this happens. Back to the way we're supposed to be living in it. True stewardship of this planet.


I want to get involved I want to have world peace I want to dive fully into this! Thank you for everything you do!  thank you SO MUCH!!!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great Movement I like the R..Keep in mind in any society there will be predators. We need new laws and regulations that will be enforced. There's no space for Chaos so the transition is a delicate question. It's good to get most parties involved. People like Bill Gates where trapped in the system aswell. At least give them an opportunity to make a choise and join the transition..and add energy. To be honest I have no time to discuss or get deep in the thinking process. Like you and your team I have a job and also need to keep it spinning. powerlove to you all and keep it coming.   ooh yes of course we can agree upon there's no turning back and action is needed. Glad people are involved. Okido


I like it, especially the bit about the digital currency being non-transferable. It seems to fit well with the ideas I've been promoting (Georgism, universal basic income, social credit oriented digital currency, direct democracy mixing delegative and digital democracy, and confederalism.) I'll have to look into more of what you all have to say and your plans.


Chicago, IL, USA     Hi Adelina,   Thanks for your message,  and for the intro.

I read it quickly last night, but will revisit again later with more thoughts. There are some interesting ideas - and who knows, in an ideal world...  I just find it a bit too utopian for right now, right here...  Still, it is great that there are things to think about, and hopefully that enough people are interested in change! ...


Bristol, UK

Hi I read through it earlier and it sounds very interesting. I lived in China for 8 years. I learnt a lot about a one party government. Apart from all the corruption, a country run like a business  seems like a good idea. So much time is wasted with different parties fighting for power in Western countries. Blaming each other for mistakes rather than finding solutions to make things better. A global revolution would be ideal. But I don't see it ever happening. For example, Chinese 1.4 billion people. How can they be convinced?


New Zealand

Critical mass is fast approaching, lets just hope there is a planet still worth saving when all is said and done.  Housing is one of my biggest pet hates, the property market should not be for private investment. It makes me sick people takin g advantage of their fellow countrymen, housing is a human need and to leverage financial security from it is disgusting.


Palermo, Sicily, Italy           I took a look to Common planet. I agree with your  thoughts and ambitious objectives. I'll follow your  plan development.


Black Diamond, WA, USA   I believe its a wonderful idea worth spreading. #EveryVoteCounts



Thank you Adelina.  This is an interesting proposal.  I'll be rereading it and absorbing the details before sharing.   I appreciate you taking the time to put this together.  I've been looking for a reasonable starting point for moving forward since being a child in the oil crisis in the 70's.   This is the first project to appeal to me.  Well done!

Yes, please send me info on the live stream of meetings.  I'd like to keep in touch.

This is the amazing part of the new year.  We are actually galvanizing for change on a scale that would make real change.


Pittsburgh, PA, USA       I love the idea Adelina! How can I (and others) pitch in and help? I would love to do whatever I can. Please let me know.  My email is :   I'd definitely like that!


FL, USA              This is a very good manifesto Adelina.  While it certainly would create immediate 'equality ', how would it be executed globally?  I would suspect that the current masters would fight this change considerably


I have passed this on to 5-10 associates. We are reviewing it. The ideas presented are extremely interesting to us. Thank you for sharing!


Ghana      Wow. I'm very happy whenever I hear of organization working towards a sustainable unity among people. Adelina, I can't just give kind words but I believe my involvement can also go a long way to achieve the said objective. In fact, I will love to be a part of Earth Vote !


CA, USA       Very good stuff.  I will pursue & engage.  Some quick first thoughts from that page: Buckminster Fuller: "Life is a non-zero-sum game", the zero-work movement, debt forgiveness, questioning the very notions of property & wealth, addressing income inequality as one of the key problems facing humanity.  You have good ideals & pedigree of ideas.  Taking on the bull (capitalism) by the horns is a tough route, but necessary,  Look forward to more!


I will honestly say, I thought because of your name your organization was full liberal. Thank you for changing my mind.


So. As for now. As per the "manifesto" we have to fight by starting a parallel need-based economy? I mean we have to use this alternative economy to get rid of "Capitalism"? And regarding masters, we humans are not masters. Humans are still being mastered upon by a small fraction of elites. We have to get rid of them first.  I'm liking it... Everything fused. Communism, Anarchism... Great!  Is there any Facebook group?


Will look at it over the weekend #APPRECIATEYOU

Have a good night, your tweets fill me with hope


Destrehan, LA, USA

Are you guys affiliated with the venus project?  Of course, email is

Love the vision, its got some great potential, thanks for sharing with me!


Thank you. count us in.


Vancouver, BC, Canada

Great article, if we can find a common ground together we can do this. Preserving the planet is paramount to human existence. Here's my email:



Hi love. I see where you're going. I like the values behind what you're doing. I'm need to focus my energies right now on putting out the dumpster fire set by our new regime. More power to you though. I wish you the best.    I am interested in what y'all are doing and looking forward to learning from you. Cheers.


Bellingham, WA, USA

Too reliant on the digital,  leaves out wide swaths of human population. I will keep reading and watching,  but remain somewhat cynical (Animal Farm, you know)



There are some editing concerns, but the concept is great. I am huge fan of the Venus Project with Jacque Fresco, so I see similarities in that idea and yours. The situation is those in power are not going to give it up, we have to take our own lives back, but unless we are willing to share with each other the resources we have, it might prove to be a frustrating endeavor. I recently attempted a "Start Where You Stand" community, that would allow its members to share their resources in case of an emergency, with the goal to eventually develop a resource based community. The outcome was those interested has such limited resources to be ineffective in establishing anything substantial, or those that did have some means, were actually scared to share what they had in fear of losing it. I am not sure how emotionally prepared people are right now. It is easy for those that have nothing to lose, but for those that do, they struggle.  Personally I am all in!



Did you write it? You have a way with words that drew me right in - reminded me of when I was younger, growing up in Montana. Had indoor plumbing, but life was just so much more about actually living life then acquiring life. Tweeted on it.  I've bookmarked your site & will check it out more as the days progress. Peace.  Just sent an email to to be added to your email list >


Super interesting perspective.  I can almost say I can agree with it except for I would not be able to work bc I'm a realtor but I have always wanted to adopt some kids And animals and run a big compound where the kids and animals help take each other.

Cool!! Haha ya I knew you weren't offending me. I have a lot of questions about this now... where does Criminality fit and religion? Here's my email and I would love to be apart of your mission!!!


I loved it !   I think it would be a great way to transition to a resource based economy  and maybe just maybe seen as being able to accomplish once we get to resource based economy things will be good but hard to see transition although prob more questions than answers still this is plausible to average joe like me.  I think it wouldn't take but a min for everyone to see the benefits of open source technology. all the the smart people in banking advertising military etc would be teachers scientists engineers.  I don't know just makes makes sense to me.  I'll pass it on as much as possible.  thank u sadly u and a handful of others are working on a project /movement that can actually change  everything I feel most other movements only go after symptoms of a deeper issue.


Norwich, UK

I just read it, I like it a lot. And I too believe it is possible.  Yes please. I am tired of this world of greed and materialism. My email is     I am with you guys


Amsterdam, Netherlands, I'm a vesus project supporter so I agree on everything and try to spread it.  Keep up the good work


Hi Adelina, this is a well thought-out plan. Most of the other ideas on how the world will be post-revolt that I've seen/heard tend to take an anarcho-primitivist turn that doesn't sit well with me. I do like the rewards account. Curious as to how you'd implement that? Would people track their productive time on an honor system? And what concrete actions you think we should take to reach the point where we could implement it? These are just questions that come to mind after reading the link you shared - will definitely have to do more looking around on your website later.


Washington DC, USA      Cool, I like it.


Richland, WA, USA       Impressed!  I'm gonna reread your stuff a few times and digest some of concepts I'm not familiar with.  Hopefully from there I can add too convo


Hi! I will review and will share thoughts.  I have lots of them.  I was seriously just thinking about this yesterday. This is absolutely brilliant and truly Utopian. I want in!


UK            Hi Adelina,  Thanks for the link. Very interesting because it addresses an issue I had with the Resource Based economy concept in Zeitgeist/Venus project.

In the Resource Based Economy people have no money- although there are benefits as described I felt money gives people power negotiating society. Otherwise you'd just be a kept pet of the state, powerless to what was decided for you.  The R idea solves this in a way although society would need a different model.  Sure my email is


My most immediate concern is that this Rewards proposal largely keeps the current system intact. Stripping away money, but instituting an alternative currency solves little. The same problems of accumulation, profit, and inequality are likely to occur eventually.

Why not severe the tie between currency and distributing goods? Distribute goods not based on how much value one contributes to society or how much currency one can offer, not even based on need, but in some other way?  Happy to at least listen. It's time for some revolution, even if the details need to be worked out!


Count me in


Los Angeles, CA, USA           It’s interesting and ambitious.  Maybe a bit premature considering what we now face. I will read more when I have time.


Norfolk, VA, USA           And it looks awesome. Big mountain to climb though. If you caught a glimpse of the news today you may know what I'm referring to.


I like the idea. How do we make it work.  My first name is Jessica my email is


USA    On quick review, it looks great. If you're not already familiar with Prof Richard D Wolff and employee-owned cooperatives, I encourage you to learn about this. I think it will resolve one of the missing pieces in your plan--how would we work.  Youve got a great start!

Oh wow! Im sorry I somehow missed that section. Yes, pleae send me info at   Thank you!


I would call this a Transitional period for Abolishing the Monetary system completely. Changing Cultural and Socioeconomic value system, very difficult process too change what humanity is familiar with, a gradual process, making people understand there is alternatives. The goal should be too Feed, Home and clothe everyone on the planet sustainably without damaging environment.


Toronto, Canada     Hi Adelina. Thank you for sharing, it’s a very interesting initiative.  I’m sure many Brazilians would love to take part too :)  So, I really like the idea of pursuing a more equitable world, but I was confused about the Reward part. How would this change in currency work exactly?


Edinburgh, UK

Following you on twitter is a great way for me to stay informed. Keep doing what you do!


Gainesville, FL, USA

Hi Adelina, I read this and it's very interesting to me. I am very much here for universal basic income. I want us to survive ourselves and the only way to do that is to embrace environmentalism and renewable energy. I'm scared but hopeful for the future because our system is harmful but systems can change.

I don't believe that our system is sustainable because it depends on suffering. I hope in the future we can embrace a system that doesn't harm anyone.


Hi Earth vote,

 I think if you can end poverty, homelessness, & war, WE would jump for pure joy. Good intentions are always a good goal. Reality for 7+ billion people is complicated. WE will keep reading and thinking about what you have written.  Change is inevitable.

Keep on with the goodness


Behwahlay, Liberia

It's what the world needs and has been waiting for


Towson, MD, USA    I love the fact that there are people actually out there doing something to bring about change and not only talking about it, good job


Lula, Sweden

Thank you for your initiative!  I’ll participate and spread the word!


Philadelphia, PA, USA

Hey Adelina. I love it. These kinds ideas inspire the fuck out of me. I've been enamored with the concepts of post-scarcity and a RBE ever since I came across the Zeitgeist documentaries a few years ago. Your theme of envisioning what life would be like in this new society reminds me the 'Lifestyle' section of the 'Lifestyle, Freedom and the Humanity Factor' chapter in 'The Zeitgeist Movement Defined'. It's a narrative of a day in the life within a RBE.


I really like the idea! I will definitely share this with all my friends. Keep up the good work!!


Los Angeles, CA, USA

Not sure how I feel about it.  I would have to read it in depth. I like some of the ideas behind this.  What I would do is separate the app somewhat from your intro.  Right now, you jump into talk about the app right from the intro and it is a bit disorienting.


I've been looking for something like this, thank you very much!  Certainly interesting, couple of questions, is there an organization that is responsible for the distribution of the Reward basic income? And are there any environmentalist plans?  That would be great, my main email would be


Altha, FL, USA

Although as I read on, the article brings up the Reward system that takes a different approach as compared to Resource Based Economy from The Venus Project and Open Economy from Free World Charter. I could see the Reward system being the first step towards money-free world. Anyway, good night.


I have to admit, going through everything, this could work! It's simple and genius at same time!  Everybody on equal footing, no keeping up with Joneses!  My email is

I have to say, very intriguing.



Your ideas about Universal Basic Income are valid and clear in particular. Maybe you could refer to some citations into how this is being currently investigated and implemented in some countries already. It is a very radical concept but one which makes proper macroeconomic sense. Even the Right are embracing this concept - I heard Peter Schiff praise it once. Bipartisan discussions are to be welocomed and encouraged as this adds meat to the bones of your argument - your ideas stand up to scrutiny. Overall, it is a fine manifesto. Have you thought about doing it in bullet points for a flyer that could be handed out? Many thanks for asking me for my opinions.


New York City, NY, USA

This all looks good in theory, have you tested this plan with a small community? How would you determine how much work someone would do to receive a specific amount of R? For example if I spend 1 hour trying to dunk and basketball and someone else dunks first try , would we be given the same amount of R? Sort of a quality vs quantity. I really like the idea of only tangible goods requiring a R


Lots of good stuff there!  I'm all for autonomy and crashing the banks.


Germany,      Hello Adelina   First I am not an native english speaker,  i am from Germany and just 17 years old, still learning english so please apologize my mistakes. Your plan sounds to me like the ideal of a world order i think about while trying to sleep and thinking about a perfect system for the future but the problem is that the system we live in at the moment is protected by all people with just a bit more influence then the standart. Second, to build up a system with global fairness for everbody and the protection of the nature all over the world needs in my oppinion something like a forderal system where each land in the world is something like a state in the US with a possability to make its own laws but with the same base constitution and the same regulation of the markets. The possability to make own laws is to integrate the culture of each land in the new world wide system and that does fit really good to your plan, so i will think your plan is thats what i also think, just much more detailed. I hope you become more public with it, i would support you, the plan might be for dreamers but as John Lennon said, I am not the only one, so with the support of many people, maybe we can change the world to a better place for all beings, not only the western civilizations and not just the human beings, also the animals and plants we share our world with, and couldnt be without them.    LG Robin


Kumasi, Ghana,

I looked at it and it looks good. If you caan cansider this: there should be respect for all.


College Station, TX, USA

Sounds like a pretty ideal society. However, how would we transition from our current system to one similar to the one outlined?


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'll have to look into it more.  I don't know how that will work to be honest.  There are a lot of things your system doesn't take into account.  Yeah I'll look over the entire web site.  I just skimmed over it.  I'll provide my email after if I need more information.


Nashville, TN, USA

What world be your plan to put this in place? Wait for the collapse or create the collapse of the current society (via election, revolution, or other)? It does not seem like something you could convince even half of the current society to participate in given the ingrained experiences, education, and societal standards currently in place. How is this transition visualized into reality?

I'm extremely curious as someone who dedicates most of her time to fighting for the earth and equality.


Denver, CO, USA

I love the concept of ending capitalism.. there's an Ubuntu Party that has template for use..

My initial impression is that it's undoable - but I know that's what the system wants me to think.  Does wrapping your head around a cashless debtless Society is almost impossible


VT, USA      I think it's utopian and I don't mean disrespect. It would have to be done on a smaller scale and then allow people to join...which sounds cultish but, yeah. Something like this would be awesome except we would have to destroy the world as we know it...capitalism reigns. People are brainwashed. Beaten down. Apathetic. Weak and dying for lack of healthy food and medical care. The strong would have to make this happen and the strong are not necessarily going to care


NE, USA      A very interesting concept indeed



I was just trying to figure out how all people revolt without war. Yes yes I'm in and will read what you propose! It has to be a world revolution! Thank you.  I've read this proposal and need to figure out the points you bring out like no currency. I could live like this but how to bring power hungry, control freaks and unstable billionaires into this?! Let me put my brain to work but great idea for the world to achieve peace and equality for all!  Love to participate but not so out in open yet? Email:   America will need us all to change the world and evolution is overdue for humans. We have suffered since the beginning of time enslaved, whether seen or unseen, by those that push fear, hate and misery onto every living thing on our planet. Time to change before it's to late.


Okay I'm game because I like to listen to ideas from everybody, it's how we progress cooperation as opposed to competition.


Ontario, Canada,

Hey there , I apologize for taking so much time, I've gone over the plan and overall I'm really liking the thought of it I just have a few questions. So maintenance of housing, street repairs, will be handled in groups correct? Would there be an emergency on call group, since everything is voluntary is there a minimum amount of time set before you can leave? Law inforcement is voluntary?  This plan would spiritually revive alot of people I'm just concerned people won't take their jobs seriously if they aren't making big money if they're used to it . I didn't see mention of how health care could be reformed and the possibilities of having huge community gardens for fruits and vegetables everywhere is a must nutrition should be a focus in classes and education . I apologize for bombarding you with questions please let me know if you want me to further go in Dept with my ideas, I'd really like to hear more details as well,. Thank you for requesting my opinion. Hope to hear from you soon ,

  I'm looking forward to learning more  , could you possibly also add more information on being part of the team and what it intales. I would enjoy setting up a chat once I'm more informed.



I think the plan looks amazing! Though I have some worries & disagreements, it looks pretty well thought out.   Good luck on your mission, I hope you guys do well!  -Mike


Buenes Aire, Argentina

Hello , I've reviewed the intro. I might go into details, but my general comment is that I agree with many of your thoughts and ideas.  I am a follower of the Zeitgeist movement and as such, as you can imagine, I can think about a couple of topics that - I believe - you can add to the manifest, or intro.  I support you and I encourage you to move on.  Or, better said, to move forward


New York City, New York, USA       i loved it


Los Angeles, CA

thanks for contacting me. interested in what i've seen on your site thus far. over the next couple days I will spend more time with it and give you some feedback.


Hampton Manor, NY

Your overall goal is admirable but the methodology allows centralised control greater than any even known. This would give fertile ground to totalitarianism. Where are the safeguards to this in this plan.

I hope I have been helpful.


Hi, Adelina. I've read it. :) It seems similar to "The Venus Project" (they got rid of money altogether though, no currency of any kind). I'm all for initiatives such as yours. I have no interest in power or wealth. I'm a coder and I just like to create cool things. Will write a more elaborated comment in your website when I have a chance. :)


Maisach, BY, Germany

hi adelina, thanks for reaching out, looks interesting :-) i will have a closer look and get back to you, best regards max

a really good read, i literally agree on every single paragraph ... i will spread the word, let's keep in touch! :-)   that would be great, many thanks, my email address is


I fully 100% agree with everything written that and think it's a brilliant concept, definitely going to start sharing this with people.  Yeah definitely it's   . Cheers


hi Adelina had a quick read of it, sounds good to me and along the lines I was thinking would be good to implement here in Ireland, have you heard of the zeitgeist movement or venus project?

yeah makes sense ween our species off it's cultural money addiction, would love to get more involved but my net sucks at the moment so limited in what I can do on here but you can keep me posted on here or Facebook. Thanks Adelina, a dream we dream alone is just a dream, a dream we dream together becomes reality - John Lennon.

brilliant I will, thanks :)


USA      Just now giving this a look, so far, it makes sense to me


Belgium        Nothing here about how to get a loan .. which was the basis of the curent problems with our money system... leading to interests and creation of extra 'money' out of thin air...    I'd rather keep my mailbox clean, but i will follow EarthVote


good stuff, thanks


hello =) thank you for this link. I read it ones, tomorrow going to read one more time, but here is my qusetion: how do you expect to keep your own property when Sheriff has a tittle on your property even after you paid it off? Where do money or support for "R" is coming from? Its a great idea based on communism but think about it: how many are going to get offended by you/me/us having all that stuff and they don't? They won't like the answer "you get what you work for"..... but i do like it =)   oh yes, i would love to!  Thank you very much.


Hey adelina, liking it, just flew over it though. Economy is killing my Time. Call Evolution rather than Revolution. Not destroying. Upgrade.  Hey Adelina, you are on the right Track.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I like it. There is much i n common with my ideas. I’ll send you a copy of my book when it's released probably in February. I have a few issues such as oversupply of money. ——— solves this. Would love to discuss more you can email me at .

I'm excited you have such a following for ideas so like my own.

Is it your dad's idea? I'd love to discuss world changing ideas with him. I have work tomorrow and am in Australia. So get your dad to email and we' all be gents of letters :-)


Chicago, IL, USA

Hi, Adelina, I read the web page.  While I theoretically agree with much of the concepts, incl. equality of income, I will be respectfully honest and say I find much of it too utopian.  However, I commend yours and EarthVotes' promotion of equality and UBI, the latter which I do believe we will need in society one day, soon.

Best of luck to EarthVotes' endeavors and I'll continue to follow on twitter.


MA, USA     Very very interesting. I'd like to be involved


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I'll have to look into it more.  I don't know how that will work to be honest.  There are a lot of things your system doesn't take into account.   Yeah I'll look over the entire web site.  I just skimmed over it.  I'll provide my email after if I need more information.


Hi, Adelina. I've read it. :) It seems similar to "The Venus Project" (they got rid of money altogether though, no currency of any kind). I'm all for initiatives such as yours. I have no interest in power or wealth. I'm a coder and I just like to create cool things. Will write a more elaborated comment in your website when I have a chance. :)

I could surely write a more elaborated comment, but if you can't wait, I'm fine with you posting it. :) I think they envisioned a society where there's no such a thing as ownership, so there's no need for exchange.  Everything belongs to everyone (from big things like land to small things like a bicycle or a computer). But I think that the idea that a person's value is measure by their contribution to the common good and not by how much stuff they own is something that these ideas have in common (and I thoroughly agree that this needs to happen). I'm also of the opinion that the absence of some sort of current makes things complicated though (in my view, but I'm only a humble programmer).  Not to worry and thanks for sharing your ideas. My email is

Cool. I promise you that will do this in the next few days. I'm in the middle of some coding. :) I will read your page on property too.


Hi Adelina.  Democracy is better than plutocracy.  But people make mistakes, which is why a government based upon principles is important.  So, if a group decides to lynch an individual, while democratic, it is not allowed.

Next what you are revolving around is socioeconomic justice.  The idea that a person's rewards should reflect their contribution to society.  This is opposed to the system of usury and printing of money without any backing (save the use of force) that we have in place now.  True debt should be honored without usury.  However, in a system based on expanding debts many of the debts placed upon people are not legitimate.  Discerning between the two is helpful.

While these truths are not difficult to verify, there's a lot more going on at this level than economics and social structure.   So to be effective at this level an understanding of spirituality and religion is key.

There's good capitalism, bad capitalism.  Good communism, bad communism.  You're right in saying Greed is the problem.  Above all love is the answer.  Seeing your neighbor as your beloved brother rather than your economic slave.


Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Unfortunately for the revolution I don't think the American people are desperate enough yet. There was this little thing a while back called the French revolution when the people get that desperate then things will change.


Interesting.  Will keep reading.


Charlotte, NC, USA

That's a bit beyond Universal Basic Income but allowing for over-usage and investment.


Birmingham, AL, USA

At first it sounds a bit extreme but I read it through the end and it makes sense. It would be great to not worry about living paycheck to paycheck or how we will buy groceries for the week. One thing I am wondering is how would we get the "masters" on board. The top 1% would never agree to being equal to the other 99%. I think it's a great concept and a far better option than what we are about to experience for the next 4 years. Keep me updated on this. Thanks!


Chillicothe, OH, USA

That's the kind of change our planet needs! It will be a fight to get the 1% to adopt this way of living.  It will take the strongholds dying off and our children fully engaged fighting for a better world to manifest it!


It's an interesting concept you have, I think in some capacities it could work too. It just seems to outlandish for the normies and greedy people of the world to understand.


Bandung, Indonesia      That's a brilliant plan, I'll email to support soon enough, thank you Adelina


Quebec, Canada

Inspiring and full of hope in a time when we need it. We are many. Thanks.  RT is always ok. Please continue. What you are doing is essential.


San Pedro, CA, USA        Hi Adelina. It sounds truly wonderful but IMO it would take many generations to implement. I will do what I can.  Pam



Sounds really interesting. Have you had any sociologist look this over with an eye to creating some models?  This would get a lot more traction in the academic community if it was backed by some kind of data.  Although I imagine you may face more obstacles from society as they guy who made the car that can run on water.. I think he's dead.

Would you be interested in writing about this as a report on the activist tool I am developing here?  I am trying to get this finished for . Yes I would like to know more.


Buffalo, NY, USA          Hello!    I've read the full version download of Common Planet.  I really like the idea behind it.   Although,  I highly doubt higher authorities would like the plan because it would be ridding them of their jobs.   So, you should put something in the script that states their jobs will not dissappear.     Although,  they would change.


interesting ideas


While the idea of Utopia is intriguing, in reality human nature would destroy the concept, in my opinion.  There truly are men and women on this earth who are evil, corrupt and not at all interested in helping their fellow global citizens.  The corruption and greed these citizens would espouse to would lead to chaos.  I can see this working on a community basis though.  Communities of like minded people joining together seems a bit of a dream but, in fairness, could be achieved.  There would still be the issue of security, law, and governance.  Even like minded people have disagreements.  So, these are my thoughts, as requested.  As a side, as an avid reader, may I suggest an editor?  I found the capitalization of words where it wasn't needed, the font, and some of the sentence structure in need of tweeking.  But, that is just my opinion and since that was not solicited, you are, of course, free to disagree.


Sounds lovely! But will need an actual revolution to implement. Which is just a matter of time anyway.  I'd love to see what you are doing! Thanks!


Philadelphia, PA, USA

Scientifically literate world where people make thoughtful/informed decisions


Pittsburg, PA, USA

Super eloquent!!! I would love to get involved, because the cause is my passion. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.  It's so beautiful.  Solidarity is far stronger than greed can ever be. We just need to educate and we will see our plans come to fruition!


It's an interesting idea Adelina.  I'm interested.  How can I help?



I think your mission is wonderful and I fully support it from a spiritual standpoint and attitude.

As a rather quiet, contemplative and practicing Taoist, my thoughts differ from your initial message. However. please don't fault me for this. For ex, I understand the concept of the individual as the only true one authority of his or her own life. I can't imagine anyone "mastering" another.  I think your EarthVote vision is a beautiful and artistic vision of a work in progress. Please never stop evolving.  And things like universal income are solid, reality based ideals to fight and stand up for. There are countries experimenting as such.  Please call on me as a sister if I can assist. I will quietly listen to your ideas and watch your evolution.  I wish you the best.  ThankU4 sharing.


Zoetermeer, Netherlands

Thanks Adelina. I love the initiative. I promise you I will translate the text into Dutch and bring this to the attention of some new political parties in The Netherlands. It's resonating! I'll also take personal notes while translating the introduction and share it with you. God bless!


CT, USA      Interesting, Utopian, unrealistic - but we need all voices, so follow your heart. Best, Delia


Humboldt, CA, USA

Interesting concept. I would most definitely welcome such an economic system; however, I am bounded by reason. Please continue this project. I will contribute as I come up with ideas.


Thanks for reaching out - I like your ideas!


USA        I have read it. I like it. I will need to give it some thought. I'm not a Nationalist, but globalization has sucked so far.


I agree with in a common planet and I believe that is what Obama wants as well. World hunger could be eradicated if all people believed in a common earth


Thank you. Keep up the good work.  We are living in the only decent piece of real estate in the solar system. All of us have to share this one vulnerable planet. We have to take care of it. Email me at


Brentwood, NY, USA

I love this! I am one of the disadvantaged (disabled) and this concept would permanently solve all the world's issues.


CO, USA        This is fabulous.  Thank you for sharing it with me.   Grand. Here it is, . Send me what you can, my friend.


Edinburgh, UK     Fair and reasoned for sure! Alas, as long as people continue to pay their taxes, I fear little will change the grand scheme. As an alternative though, it certainly warrants attention and discussion. Extremely clear and understanding of all.


Dubai, UAE       I think it is a very interesting idea and could be quite efficient too if it could be implemented.  Quite revolutionary!


Thank you very impressive


UK     I'm all for a 'Venus Project' type takeover, if ever we chimps can grasp the power away from the enemies of the Earth.


It is good, very good. However I suggest using a formal language (exclude "I", "me", etc) and in a way that conveys more confidence. The text appears confident and you've done a could job, but it can be improved. While I don't support any form of monetary system what you're suggesting is an alternative a lot better than what we have today. From what you've written I understand that people support your cause and it's very good that you call to action. Best of luck.  And also, what I forgot to mention, is that you highlight very important issues

Please do! You can reach me at


Liverpool, UK     I think we need to get this out in as many languages as possible and request assistance from anyone who wishes to help achieve this.   i'd recommend seeking to work with ubuntu who have the same goals

anonymous also share the same goals


London, UK

I think the work you have done is amazing. Without trying to knock it or show any pessimism it is still possible to corrupt this plan. Then the system fails as other have done. How would it stay free from corruption which appears to be a strong human trait?

I'm all for it though. Where does religion stand within it as that is always a divisional instrument.. Huge praise to you


Oxford, OH, USA         Thanks for the link.

Oh I am reading it and I am agreeing with everything so far.

Just did. Thanks! my favorite part is the renaming of corporations as groups as stripping them of their mischievous profit motive! its a pity that so few have the clarity to see through their lies.  Thanks to you for sharing. My email is


Good ideas - but you need an interim step - a 1% Transaction Tax funding a Universal Wage. Big businesses and the rich pay even when moving money around to avoid tax - and the poorest around the world benefit with a universal wage. Or improved infrastructure until universal wage possible. Your idea will only blow people's minds. Mine is doable NOW.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks, but with all due respect I've done enough marketing in my time to walk away from whatever you're pitching. Take care.

Will do, thanks much for explaining.

The plan would not only require unanimous global approval or economic isolation. In either case you're awarding a select few the power to corrupt the entire system and leaves little safe guards against abuse. If you're a bad musician but don't want to be a prep cook, you could just produce countless volumes of rehashed riffs. If ip is free musicians would literally rip each other off without having to produce anything valuable or unique. Some books take 10 yrs to write, others take a few months but sell more. Finally, the Administrator of R distribution would be positioned to structure favoritism or corruption. Finally, career politicians would not earn anywhere near their current wealth, and they'd be responsible for implementing these changes. There's no way any of these laws would box themselves out of lucrative 6 figure salaries for the pittance their actual productive work would award them.

The plan works better as a thought experiment. A flat consumption tax, eradication of mortgages and affordable housing co-ops would be far more realistic, simple and effective imho

thanks much. Macro scale economics is my expertise, the methods you're considering to resolve the issues I brought up can not be integrated to the rest of the world. It would be an infrastructure nightmare if not done at the continent level, but then you've got to think of the challenges of 50 kingdoms colliding under a single common theme just to maintain trade (because central banking wouldn't be a thing anymore), never mind the power struggles. Then there's mass migration to unsustainable destinations, then corruption at that level, and climate difference from regions would scale need based on the whim of the weather every year. Way too much not considered about today's world economy for this to be viable. I do appreciate the organization trying to change what's not working but I don't agree at all that this method even makes sense on paper, Nevermind in reality.



Dear Adelina, I have no prior knowledge of this organisation nor or how you found my Twitter page, so I hope you understand I am a surprised to receive this.

Nonetheless, I took a look, and I must admit, it seems fairly detailed. However, I think some of the rhetoric feels a bit too personal - too adressive to the reader - due to the liberal use of the word "you" and "your". Generally, there is nothing wrong with speaking in a personal manner every now and then, but it's also important to sometimes be more professional, as I think it will give people more faith in that you know what you're doing. I also heartily recommend removing the part that that denounces sex for money as not being work or being an inherently desperate act. Sex work is work, and while many people have entered its practice on the alter of their poor economic position, the same can be said for all kinds of jobs in the capitalist system we live under, plus unlike said jobs, sex work seems to have valid potential of elevating the economic position of the people who practise it (that is assuming it is not being criminalised). Speaking of that part, I think the part addressing feminists and/or women was somewhat patronising (being a feminist myself). And speaking now of -isms, I don't think the term "capitalism" was ever really mentioned and the use of the idea of the free market seems to me to be an appeal to market libertarians, correct me if I'm wrong. If it is meant to be such, for which I don't blame you, I still think one has to be careful with attracting free market capitalist, especially when it comes to an idea that involves worker self-management, as that does contradict free market capitalist ideas.

Anyway, that's most of my thoughts. I hope this platform may bring many people with revolutionary mindsets together. I might come back to this later, but I'm just in the beginning of my exam period, so at least for now, "good luck" is my last note.


Monrovia, CA, USA      This is very well thought out, I support it.


Definitely!! Media seems to be "The leader of the pack" to doom, through greed. They teach greed, and basically are telling kids "Lying is OK"..!  They're trading ratings, for integrity and not giving people vital information. Families breakdown due to the same game, of "Keeping up" and keeping kids so busy, that they never talk either. They have schedules on boards like little drones..Not the way I was raised either. Town meetings aren't attended. Neighbors don't even know each other! A new game isn't just possible, it's necessary for our survival!


Liverpool, UK

I think we need to get this out in as many languages as possible and request assistance from anyone who wishes to help achieve this


I read it a few days ago. I loved it.  I'm wondering how are we going to pay for the infrastructure like roads and bridges etc if there's no more taxes. That's what taxes are suppose to be used for. my email is

oh ok and ok I won't thank you for sharing it with me




UK      You can't make the rules when you're not in charge, first there would be the small matter of wrestling the power away from those who control the current system.

If only it were just the money, most resources controlled, infrastructure, land, intelligence & propaganda sources controlled



It's completely possible. I see this as essentially a fancy tech version of socialism. I would reconsider one point and consider the necessity of another. Reconsider the idea of ownership into a form of universal potlatch that doesn't focus on the social desire of prestige but instead centered on the notion of sacred giving/offering/honoring to all of life; if a system is designed around giving/offering/honoring, than it should be celebrated.Then, consider the necessity of education as always being the foundation, and primarily, that which focuses on the sacredness of all existence from the past into the present and the future, while incorporating all the scientific and technical knowledge that we can continue to build upon. On a final note, I'd like to hope such a revolution is possible without violence, but it's difficult for me to envision such a possibility that does not incorporate a sacred connection being employed, and that's a whole other issue in itself that if we could figure out, I see as the greatest catalyst for change.



Richmond, KY, USA            Sounds great!  Love the alternate currency idea as our dollars are corrupt.  Keep it up! :)   This is exactly the kind of society I would love to be a part of.  I will try to spread this website to everyone I know on Facebook - have a much bigger circle on there.   (sweet, we have a facebook too, , like us on that - Adelina)    Done! :)


That's quite a comprehensive plan! It's also a logical next step for the evolution of humanity. We must unshackle ourselves from this form of modern slavery that has become our societal institution. I'm sure there will be things arise that will have to be dealt with as it is implemented. But let's get to it! Good job, thank you!

Sure. I want to be a part of it. Email is     Thank you

Cool! Good luck. We can create this world!


saw it, loved it.  let me take a closer look. Happy to help.

I think it's a pretty well written thesis.  I agree with your assessment that capitalism is a cancer on humanity particularly debt. Shelter should be a human right as well. The later part of the page is a bit rambling and has a manifesto type feel. If you shortened it a bit and removed some of your examples it wouldn't hurt. Short, concise, to the point. People have such limited attention spans these days. My two cents. Hope that helps. Keep fighting the good fight my friend!

I'm always happy to contribute my two cents Adelina. Thank your for valuing my opinion. Im honored to help if I can.



Yes I have seen your ideas for a new economy and love it honesty. I have seen a few holes in it tho and will think more on how it can be exploited, also on how it can actually be accomplished. Im sure I will be in the comments with more thoughts and tweaks.

Np, any idea to help better the world as a whole is worth looking into. And the events sound fun, I may be there. Email is   Still need to think more on whole situation. I remember reading the whole plan and just think of ways the top 1/10th of the 1% can abuse it. I will get back on it for sure(;


Thank you I will study it tonight

read over the initial materials; I am in agreement with the goals put forward but we need to figure out how to take power before we can decide on a new human world; one word though its no longer the age of capitalist but rather of corporatist; the marriage of the State with corporations is the rise of Fascism. These are truly ruthless psychopaths at the top; Trump and Hillary are not the exceptions these two are representative of the enemy. First we need more political power and we must reach the common man; the people that voted for Trump and other world leaders like him. We must counter propaganda and programing of the population,

Thank you I will review any links or other material keep up the good fight


San Francisco, CA, USA

I guess all our endeavors are to leave the planet a little better than we found it (while this sounds like an old slogan, we really believe in it), so our world is much less political and more in regards to the (built) environment than your thread. At the same time we believe in a holistic big picture view, and as history moved in unexpected directions in 2016, new political engagement is needed - how exactly are you planning to create the first global democracy?



Respectfully. You have nothing to offer. My best regards for the Holidays


Resource based economy? Is this the blueprint to migrate from our current system to RBC? I'll read it all in a few.


I wish the format was text. I'd highlight it & have my PC read it to me. Other than that tho. This is my exact project I've been working on. I'm starting record discussions pertaining to this very subject. Bashing capitalism & discussing how to covert over the RBE.

The biggest issue is the lack of a catchy name. Resource based economy is a mouthful. Need to stay away from _____isum as all the isums suck.


Yenagoa, Nigeria

I really love your vision of a better world. I've just partially read through it, it is nice mostly the beginning part of it. It is  related to Karl Marx's dream of a common society, but sis. the world operates presently an established system that the operators of the system are not ready to let go of the system. I agree with you that nothing is impossible, but i did not understand or know your strategy on how to overthrow the present established system. and replace it with something better for all.


N Great Plains, Turtle Island              I read it just now. Interesting concepts, but far too long. I lobby as a grassroots peoples' lobbyist. In lobbying & in daily life, you have 15 seconds to make your point. After that, people's minds wander. None of us will change that; like it or not. Editing is a tough job. Editing your own work is tougher. I write for part of my living; I know this first-hand. Successful editors are ruthless about changing what needs it. The questions you always work with are: Who, What, Why, Where, When, How. Take each paragraph & rip it apart then rebuild it under the spotlight of these 6 questions. Come back to me when you have done this & your piece is much shorter. Akis'a!/Cheers!    Email    & make note of Twitter in subject. Akis'a!/Cheers!

Chester, UK       Dear Adelina, apologies for the delay in responding. I think the introduction is far-reaching and diagnoses contemporary problems well. Very interested to hear more about this idea of a 'free market' for labour. It would be interesting to hear more about the big challenges for the commons today; namely the refugee crisis, biotechnology/intellectual property and of course climate change. Debating these notions in the context of the ideas you have already put forward would make for a particularly astute political project.  Sounds great! My email is . I look forward to staying in touch.


Count me in!

A resource base economy that benefits everyone guided by kindness, compassion, empathy is the "new world" I've been dreaming of.


Ocala, FL, USA

I like it! Especially the reward formula and universal income. I believe this would help to stablize families and ultimately reduce crime as well.


Atlanta, GA, USA

Not yet. Assumed this was just an auto generated DM to be honest!

Ahh, sorry Adelina (I like your name, by the way), will have a look! Is it similar to the Next System Project?    -jack     Sure! Definitely down with UBI being the future etc.


Democracy without social justice or relative equality, cannot exist. Whatever is aimed at making our society fairer has all my humble support


Santiago, Chile

I just briefly skimmed over the text and it does look interesting. I´ve put in on my reading list for the week and then share or comment if appropriate. Thanks for sharing.  Thanks for that... I haven´t made the time to carefully read through the first link yet, but I was wondering what your thoughts on "reparations" are for people/communities/nations that have been systematically oppressed in the past and present? from the little I´ve read, it seems like "starting with what we each have now" starts the majority of humanity out at a disadvantage...

Great!! I look forward to reading it, please do add me to the email list:


New York, NY

who is earth vote funded by?

(Nobody. I raised $400 last year which was enough to buy adobe muse website software -Adelina)

i really do hope u fight for environmental justice and ur earnest and honest in ur endeavor. it’s going to be a slog from here on out and the anti environment trash are tied to all that is shite! they’ve have been given access to advanced weapons and psyops methods which they’ve emulated the german stasi. ur gonna have to be tough physically too. i don’t want to sound like rocky freaking balboa, but prepared to literally take it on the chin, violently physically. which means the greaseball coward perpetrating really are cowards but it’s reality. the sad reality. good luck.

(No violence except to take down their money and power. You'll see)

just be mentally prepared. it is not good out there. bertha cacares et al the fight is no joke, ok? it doesn’t have to be this way but it is. if ur not a lame catfishing pos and a real activist you’d have already known that. like i said gl!

(I'm not afraid to die for this)


Thx for the invite. Your system sounds great. I would advise starting off simple letting Red China lead the world into this new style of world finance being they ( China ) have more wealth than any other country.

Most who own the land in this country U.S.A are the ones with the fake $. Yes mass people with one goal can make the change but as seen in past revolutions all resources must be exhausted before such actions are taken. Including economic revolution.

I am behind Earthvote . I hope this can work.


Botswana             I like it because it really challenges the mind. It asks important questions as to who we are and why are we here.


A world free of fear and inequities..where humanity is our guide, knowledge our road to empowerment


It'd be better to just end the Feds reserve and go back to gold and silver that would be huge in making things better

You can't create your "utopia" when you reject God

Sounds too similar to Hubberts visions from 1932 Technocracy Inc …


Yeah I'm down for Revolution.


I think this is great, I'm familiar with the Venus project and I think this is a great way to warm up people to the idea of such a drastic, but necessary, change with a resource based world.


It's fascinating, reminds me of the type of community people tried to start in the 60's, but they were put down for even trying..The 1% won't part with their greed, or power, that easily. These days they just pay a politicians to stop it..and there's the issue of no Media, that isn't corp. owned and controlled, for their own interests. Bill Clinton signing the GOP law to end Media Ownership Regulations, which took out truth in News. Add in education cuts (intentional) and you have a generation of clueless, "dumbed down" people who are "Told what to think"..A re-education of millions would have to happen, for them to see this would be for their own good, and for the survive.


Maine, USA

What is your reaction to war? How do you live this way amidst violent assault? What is your plan for this? I am Native American. This is a complicated situation and we are on the front lines of that hostility. Most of our tribes already live in styles similar to the one you propose. If oppressive forces continue to steer the direction of the masses, what hope do we have at reforming it? Thank you.

I will promote your organization, if you can find viable answers to these problems. Until then, I would keep things quiet. The less your enemies know, the more power you have. The wise old owl says little.

I will be keeping an eye on your organization. I want to see what kind of progress you make. Feel free to ask any questions you have. At this time, because the purpose of your organization in congruent with my own, I will offer a  moderate level of support. For now.


I think you are genuinely interested in these subjects and i find it very good


Ireland           Hi Adelina, I think the Universal Basic Income concept is very interesting. Also, should energy not have a chapter of it's own? I know it will be addressed in Chp8 to some degree, but it might be better to expand that out to a chapter of its own


Pittsburgh, PA, USA

If you want more thought I would happy to provide them. To start, I think that what is being proposed sounds similar to Marxist ideology which I support in some ways. My first question is: how can a "society" reward an individual ? How is that coordinated? It seems to me that what your proposal is missing is information about who will judge the merit of actions and enforce or carry out policy. If someone or a group of people are in charge of deciding the value of a particular action, it stands to reason that the group of individuals responsible for implementing and evaluating workers actions  may not represent the larger society. There will always be disagreements about what is valued in a society. Do we give reward to someone sitting at home high on heroin? I would because they are human; and simply being a human on this planet is contribution enough.    More if you want it.   Erika


Grimsby Humberside, UK

A  utopia Adelina only spoken about by the 60s&70s drug hazed hippies of my youth, how then i come to see the sence behind your project, millions of displaced angry children will one day seek to avenge their stolen youth, there anger at the so called elite or peers will have no bounds, I believe what you say could be the channel or path to a rioutious life to repair the wrongs man has inflicted on our planet, to long i believe the elite have drunk at the trough of greed and materialistic indulgence, great plans need new eyes to see love to you all my reward i only ask is to show others to build, defend, to think, and trust no one until project complete, my former life was to keep the secrets of the elite, until i found the true perversions of said people, Not my culture, i chose to live with my hawks and animals in the mountains of wales until the elite found me, and destroyed my kingdom, i am here now to destroy theirs, and let the young be the caretakers of there own destiny thanks for listening Adelina :)


Adelina, I'm really also chasing this. We all know that it is complicated, but it might not be impossible, although at present it seems very unlikely without a radical change in our humanity, in our very essence as human beings. We only have to continue searching the ways to get to something like this in the future; I know we will not live it, but I would like to think that we can evolve and subsist towards something like that


North Carolina, USA             Definitely. I support any and all movements that support transition towards a worker-controlled, classless (and eventually anarchocommunist-esque) society. In many ways, EarthVote seems to be restating and adapting those ideas in new and interesting ways. I'll leave some feedback on your page when I have more time. : )

Let me rephrase-- any and all movements that support transition towards those goals *using libertarian means*. Haha I don't support Stalinism, Leninism, etc..


Boca Raton, FL, USA        Hi Adelina, I love what I'm reading so far, and I look forward to chiming in! It sounds like some of Jacque Fresco's ideals. Very happy to see people supporting peace and financial equality.  Thank you! Email is:


I did read, and these are the views I've held for some time now.  Yes please do send me more material at



Sounds reasonable. Where Marx was headed but it all got off track. Forgive debt. Global debt currently exeeds global GDP by 2.5 or more times. Central banks bare the blame. Debt will b forgiven,I predict soon, bc global financial system about to collapse & could be worse than Great Depression. If I'm right,things will be awful,there will be wars,massive unrest. Once that is over,then ur plan would be the perfect way to go bc where we are now is the road to hell. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, I just read Common Planet …

I was amazed with every word!


Vermont, USA       Thanks for this!


USA      This will be labeled as a "cult" by the tools/weaponry of the banks, the MSM.

You guys do know that right?  My view is that the MSM is the bankers weapons of choice.  APATHY swings that 15% voter that passes the imprisonment laws in this country, until the MSM is dealt with, u guys are wasting ur time


Good day Adelina,

As of now we only have earth, we dont have much of a choice we make the best of what we have.  doing my part to contribute anyway I can. Positive thinking, challenging the status quo, meditation, sharing knowledge, and exposing the truth.

I just read the link, it is very similar to what I have thought 15 years ago.  Same concept as Star Trek, everyone are working on their best suited for them that they enjoy what they do for the benefit of the whole.


Bothell, WA, USA             Adelina, just read the plan. I LOVE IT. It's super refreshing to read, makes me feel a little more sane for having some similar thoughts and ideas about economics and capital. It really resonated!   I would love to learn more about your plans for how something like this could begin to be implemented? Creating a successful grassroots template is my current best guess for this type of radical change. If a city could master it, for instance, it could pave the way for a rapid domino effect.

Anyways, thanks for sharing! Excited to dig into the site some more and gain a better understanding of your organization.


Portland, OR, USA

#CommonPlanet is very informative and I agree with a lot that I have read


San Diego, CA, USA      I will absolutely check it out :)   I actually just read quite a bit of it and it sounds interesting. Let's keep in touch


Portland, OR, USA

I did. Although not new, these are great ideas. The article is a little long, if you want to reach a broader audience.  Also: SOme of the post reads a little bit (especially in the beginning paragraphs) like a chain letter, or religious missionarism  (I know. I tried to change it but was overruled)

Ugh! That's bad, isn't it. I work in marketing myself. It's tough.

That's also why I tried to give constructive criticism. :)


San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Be more specific with speech. People should never "Get" any things BC it's earned. Duties to culture and civilization; local regional national communities. Still reading and making notes; thank you for sharing and asking

We need to establish a sustainable economy so that necessities require work alone and no outside currency. Our Home is sustainable and we've deviated from that normal; now we must work towards that future. People earn "more" through commitments, promises and upheld words. Reward for integrity; not because age.

If someone is alive they "have" much. When we try to reference nothing we obviously refer to something and it is cost of living, I think. What is the cost to life? Knowing how to moderate thy self; lead by example. Parents especially!! Too much you're telling us people have nothing which could mean they're dead. They have Will, family-hopefully- a Home that gives all to eventually take it back. We rent since we're mortal so when we understand this impermanence maybe we can relish others' company and appreciate time. I feel we are depreciating time, dehumanizing ourselves and applaud y'all for your efforts.


Cork, Ireland

Never read such a ridiculous proposal, will you be starting from year zero as well?


I read it,and I totally agree with it.  That would be great, my email is


Colorado Springs, CO, USA

I reviewed it. Thanks for the invite. Your quest is noble, but I am afraid I do not have time to participate. I have my own goals in changing the world. My goal is to help heal one person at a time. I'm also writing a book. Keep pushing for progress! I commend you! :-)


Las Vegas, NV, USA

That's awesome.  I would love to know more about the movement. On a personal note, my business is all about using ecommerce as a way to raise money for homeless shelters, women's shelters, etc. and I would love to find a needy nonprofit in Portland, if you know of anything, you know where to find me.   My email is


I love the concept and it is funny because my nephew asked me one day why we adults teach them to share but never do ourselves. I explained that a few like having it all and he said well if we share what we have with each other then they wont have a reason for their money will they!!


Beautiful!!  It's time to end this cruel, archaic master/slave system that benefits only a few.  The wealth that is being amassed, is Criminal!  Creating a society which benefits all, which can be done, will assure a healthy Society now, and into the future.  If our systems continue as they are, our society will eventually collapse into chaos.  Being born a debt slave, is no life at all..... it's a life of misery!       Great.   Thanks for all you do!


I have read it several times. Overall I like it, but it's so lacking in detail at this point that it seems ethereal. I'd like to see more depth and details. The changes that you are proposing will take generations to implement and must be done slowly. Ridding the world of capitalism is going to be a monumental shift in thinking.


New York, NY, USA

Hey Adelina, thanks for sending this. Someone from your team have time to chat further in coming weeks? Cheers, Liz   Awesome, looking forward!!


Bowling Green, KY, USA      That seems good! Thank you for the link!!


Islamabad, Pakistan,    Welcome, I am highly motivated to do work for your organization.


FL, USA         This is very exciting stuff- please read me out (it's short- about 300 words), I have one idea that I think would democratize this manifesto in a way that would be absolutely necessary for long-term success. Here it goes:

I will definitely come back to this and check up on you guys. Great work!

That's great to hear. I haven't fully thought it all out, but there are many more elements to add to the voting process and more dynamics to cosider when setting up some fundamental constraints on the system. And i would love to be able to hash out some of these ideas with you all. My email is


Sounds good, all people deserve the same chances and we don't must forget share that with people most poor too. #RevolutionIsNow this ht is great too, spread it! Thanks for all, see you :)



I say I'm in! Sounds like a plan to me. :)  It's a little confusing but I love what I read. My email is


Well, of course I like it. Especially the part where we aren't training our children from age 5 to work for someone else the rest of their lives. I'm studying to be an art teacher and I want as many societal rebels as possible ;) but for those who do not work voluntarily somewhere other people see them creating things, how would those people earn R. I'm asking, would the artists still be "starving" with this model? In my opinion, and I am heavily biased, art is the one thing that humans create of their own occord, they create without a necessity but with a desire to share. So, how do all the basket weavers in Ghana get their R for their contribution? Who is manning this system?

Alright. I always liked the idea of communities sharing as well, or buildings. For things that aren't used every day, like say a waffle maker or something else like that. They could be borrowed and then returned to a central location. Anyway, looking forward to the email.

It would be awesome. I just wonder how to start an operation of that magnitude. I'm sure you all have ideas on that though.


There is this issue that the plan doesn't seem to address the issue of "them". Under these circumstances it will be hard to have them comply non-violently. They should be taught that retaliation too can be killed, with their help.



Just keep doing the work that you are doing and thank you for what you do. What keeps me going? I remind myself often to Breathe.Create & Resist those who try to destroy everything we all hold dear. Blessings to you and yours. Merry Holidays

I enjoyed reading this 'property' page- the first section that discussed how the author's parents lived is where I would like to be living. In my life experience I have been a renter, homeless a buyer and then a renter once more. With the way the world is focused on the god of greed I always remember what it was like to be homeless in high school with my family. And believe it or not it was one of the merriest time I remember until the tent froze, but that is another story.

Coming from that experience I am fully aware that at sometime my family and I might be homeless again. It is survivable. Would love to see the outcome of the property for the people and not just the greedmeisters  the banks


Fort Myers, FL, USA       Very ambitious considering we couldn't even elect for instance, Bernie Sanders. Im retired with a pension, Vets benefits, S.S. own my home, car. I lean to the left of most people, all politicians. Americans that would benefit from ideas like this won't go for it. Still have American dreams. Maybe I'm wrong but it's what I see. Good luck.


While I appreciate your ambition and direction and wish you luck I have my own thoughts about this and have set upon the acceleration of integrated green living systems. I do appreciate your vision though.

In a nutshell the reason we are kept under control is due to scarcity and fear. Those in power keep it by influence at political levels but are only empowered to do so because of our choices. If people made different choices they'd disappear.


Aylesbury, UK         I follow Michael Tellinger who founded the Ubuntu party which is really growing worldwide, and he has a similar plan although he registered Ubuntu as a political party but it's actually a spiritual movement. Your R plan is very similar and really, what is there not to like? People are becoming more aware and I really believe that your vision is essential, not only for people but also for our planet. The only other issue that I'd like to see addressed is for meat consumption and the slaughter culture to end. I feel that there has to be freedom from pain and tyranny for ALL, not solely the human family and so veganism would have to be the ideal for all in time. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this. I must say that I find it very inspiring when I hear of visions such as EarthVote/common-planet.


Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Well, since you asked, I don't see it happening any too soon. You need to start off with something smaller like


Pakistan       Your idea seems interesting .Very close to idea of Plato's Republic. ..but I don't think so this is suitable for today's Democratic World. will be great if brains of 21st Century work on peace and progress for the World. ..No War and ..only peace. that is the only thing which World needed…  Stay Blessed. .


Turkey    Hello, I just started to read Intro. Couldnt finish. Will keep reading & dreaming&sharing. Very similar to my own perception of ideal comm. Thank u fir urging me to read it. Love.


I don't know we're to start this world sucks right now but i like your tweets good info great job.  Thanks am going to email this to myself


Ghana,  Provocative. I'll read more tomorrow.

It's good. I savored the story of the life of your ancestors: simple, community, clean, close to the land. Is capitalism the problem or our modern, greed-based, alienated version of it? I don't know



Yes ironically I was going to be in Portland in January sadly not to be know people great inspired great paper you have developed Vita

I read your page of responses I am sure you will gather a following for yourself and as others have said it is very admirable you are concerned about the future of Humanity  I am sure Gandhi would be very proud of you as a west coast girl about to experience DT Tyranny stay strong


Chicago, IL, USA       I love this and fundamentally agree with you. An idealist society sounds tempting and incredible but calls for one hell of an undertaking on an international level. This is global stuff we're talking about. Not just the UBI and the R concept, that's more doable. Change starts from the bottom up. Write more. Communicate this to representatives and legislators. Keep fighting the good fight.


CA, USA    Thank you, that was a good read! I will look into Direct Democracy when I can find some time. But for now I'm just a slave. Best of luck.  But I do appreciate the correspondence and admire the author of that piece you sent (it was thoughtful and well-written). I will always stand with workers and use every ounce of whatever power I have to help advance their cause.


It actually sounds like a very good plan, however; I would leave out the part about the masters.  I would not call it a revolution; I would call it a unification. I believe that those called the "masters" should be included in this and that it doesn't have to be an us versus them scenario. If the organization could work with the United Nations through the global citizen program then I feel like this has a good chance of being considered. Thank you for asking my opinion. I may have more detailed feedback later but this is what hit me during my first read through. Also, from my grammatical point of view the word even in the title sentence seems a little superfluous. I look forward to hearing more ; thank you for sharing this with me.


I did read it. It is thoughtful and a really well crafted argument. I appreciated the fresh, compassionate views and could live in such a world where basic human needs are guaranteed from birth. Tantamount to modern slavery, emancipating humans from the top down pressure to earn and buy would return natures precious balance.


Interesting! I'll have a look. I am actually busy with it. Very intriguing

Dear Adelina,

Thank you very much for sharing this passionate initiative with me and for the immense effort you obviously have invested in it. I find it a noble cause and absolutely love the spirit driving the discourse.

I would like to begin by joining your concern about money, its power to corrupt and the ruthless, destructive pursuit of profit that comes along with it. Hence I am naturally opposed to the idea of money. Although you do directly touch on this matter (pp. 7-8), I fear that this concern has not been reduced to its minimum by your concept. I specifically have an issue with the idea that existing material wealth (“assets”, p.4) will be swopped for additional R(eward) which would mean that the Common Planet concept inherits a big degree of inequality from the prevailing systems. Of course direct democratic control of the workplace by those who work there (p.7) i.e. common ownership of factors of production would play a huge role in reducing the mismatch between the haves and the have nots. But at the same time I fear that the possibility of accumulating R(eward), which then again can be spent on scarce resources, has a worrying potential to corrupt.

In conjunction I would like to point to the social revolution that occurred in the wake of the rise of fascism in Spain (1930s). In this spontaneous, self-driven “experiment” money was abolished and basic necessities like food, housing, etc. were free. Any other goods and services requiring some medium of exchange (due to limitations of a barter economy) could be traded with the help of special vouchers on which a labourer would record his hours worked. So effectively they exchanged hours of performed labour against any non-essential merchandise (e.g. chocolate). This might be an avenue worth investigating. Or could we even envisage a society without any mediums of exchange or is this utopian notion too far divorced from reality?

In your manifest you focus primarily on the concept of money, arguing for a sustainable, effective alternative in the form of R(ewards). Although I agree on its importance and the evils of money, I personally feel that certain fundamentals besides a new medium of exchange are not given enough attention. For instance the nature of organisation: You mention multiple times the aims of embracing “a world of unity and autonomy” (p.3), ending “the Masters” (p.5), denying them the “power” to “Master us” (p.7) and to abolish their rule “once and for all” (p.9). But I feel like there is no satisfying answer provided as to what structure of organisation would fill the void left behind after removing unjustified authority. Especially since societal structures of organisation are relevant to the question of administering the R(ewards) system. But there are many other questions that need to be addressed for a new (anarchistic) order to be convincing. How are decisions made and implemented? How do communities coordinate each other? Especially when facing regional, or even global challenges? How would we handle crime (that is not profit motivated)? And how can individuals start the constructive revolution in the face of massive counter forces (governments, multinationals and other powers)?

These are my first thoughts on your Common Planet concept. But I must say that I am absolutely intrigued and I can’t wait to these ideas taking shape.


Faenza, Italy        Thanks for it, really interesting!  I think it's not the first time that someone tries to do the thing you have written. Remembering Karl Marx and other idealist after him.

I'd really like that it happens but we live in a world that is rooted in its institution. A lot of organization understand that thing ( also EU) and they use the small steps policy. Furthermore that type of policy wasn't so efficient as they thought ( if it was, now we could speak of US of Europe)   So change is not so easy and if we want to obtain something we must use small steps, efficient but small steps!


Africa           I'll definitely take a look at it. Just by skimming I can tell we're on the same page with regard to the destruction of capitalism and the formation of a new system.


Richmond, VA, USA      ... i agree, and we personally live this way - using our extra income to pay off the debts of slave families  - and i like what you are saying, but it is the 62 people on this planet that own half of all the worlds resources that you need to convince.  they are the ones who demand the interest.  they are the ones who let food rot while people starve to death...


I've read the introduction. The theory is great, but it's also hard to think about because I've been so brainwashed into realizing and living in this world. What would happen though with politics in general? Would it be like lead by a bunch of thinkers who specialize in various different aspects of survival? I do love the idea though, focuses on organization between communities and togetherness.  Pretty brilliant, how long did it take to come up with this idea from the ground up? And to actualize this what would need to occur, especially after the sharing and convincing of the majority? I'm sure I'll have more questions but this will have to do for now lol.  Sorry for the long train of thought.  That's pretty trippy. I mean different things the manifesto touches on I've seen throughout my young life. But I have never seen anything compiled like this. I like it, I think the youth would love this idea though, the oligarchs lol not so much. But I mean I'm always down to listen and help if I can.


Portland, OR, USA         There are some points I like but I'd say a majority of it while good in thought isn't a realistic option with the current state of our planet and country


USA         I did read it. It is thoughtful and a really well crafted argument. I appreciated the fresh, compassionate views and could live in such a world where basic human needs are guaranteed from birth. Tantamount to modern slavery, emancipating humans from the top down pressure to earn and buy would return natures precious balance.


London, UK          yeah lovin the idea but how do we get that going? the top 300 ain't gonna like it - but you are right - money is the problem or the way business has made it -


Tucson, AZ, USA        I agree with most of what you've put down, but if people won't even vote themselves single-payer, the ideas here will be literally unthinkable.  What I'm seeing with my 'conservative' friends and co workers is that they utterly reject these kinds of ideas. This type of idea literally cannot take hold in the vast majority of people's memesets. It's . Sure, send the links, that sounds interesting. I'd love to hear strategies you devise for getting people to expand their thinking.


USA         It's for sure the right idea and definitely a step in the right direction. But I think it happens to be saturated with an incredibly dreamlike tone. It presents itself too optimistic to take itself so seriously. Does that make sense? And I feel like that's a big and common problem with environmentalist literature and political essays. If it were to revert to a more serious "down to business" way of presenting its points, I feel like it's something people would respond to much more strongly to. (:


Johnson City, TN, USA        Adelina,Enjoyed the introduction.  Sounds very interesting. focused on fairness and sustainability. Is it based on Anarchist principles?

I understand how you feel about labels.  I find the principles discussed in the introduction intriguing.  It is certainly a new path all the areas you mentioned above.  It seems like a viable way  to live one's life. Not sure exactly how one would make such major changes to our life ways, which certainly need some major overhauling in my view. Do you this happening in increments?  Long term or short term? I would like learn more about your plan and see any additional information you might have.  My e-mail is . Thanks.

Been checking out your official website and reading some of the comments from around world.  A truly global and inclusive movement.  i am impressed!  Thank you for personally sharing the information you have today. Looking forward to seeing more on twitter as well.  Sean.


Good Morning, Adelina!

What an absolutely well thought out concept.  I truly like it.

All humanity truly must begin to embrace these financial, political, and moral concepts.  There is no time left for rationalizing or excuse making.   I believe in the ideology.   Please count me among your supporters and I will be making a contribution to the effort as soon as early December.   I will spread the word starting today.

My opinion:  This concept is  timely, brilliant, and caring of humanity.  It is time to get to work on ACTUAL  freedom building for all of us.

Big respect and thanks to you and the "Global EVOLUTION.

PS The word revolution scares some people. So, I have used Evolution to remind all that we must evolve into thinking, planning, and caring individuals as we begin this expedition.

May Peace, and EFFORT always be  high on the tool list required to "Reward," all humanity.

Yours truly,   A Smith


Sardinia, Italy       I'm really glad to read such an interesting plan. This is future. This is the best "short"-term solution I've ever read. It's the perfect plan to lead society toward a RBE, this is something I will share with everyone. Thanx a lot and cheers from Sardinia! Thank you so much!


Richmond, VA, USA         ... i agree, and we personally live this way - using our extra income to pay off the debts of slave families  - and i like what you are saying, but it is the 62 people on this planet that own half of all the worlds resources that you need to convince.  they are the ones who demand the interest.  they are the ones who let food rot while people starve to death...


London/Singapore/KL/Hong Kong (global Oil & Gas)

I tried to read it just now... but it's very sales'y ... only got through first paragraph  Before switching off... then I scrolled down to the bottom to see if you was going to ask for money... the text needs rewording....will read the rest later.  Will definitely read as I am in to the concept, with strong anti-corporatism and anti-globalisation views ... so I should have been a really easy target for this sort of thing. But the opening page is very bad. Remove page 1 and start at "Everything changes, all the time"  Its a softer fact based open. Then change the font - Helvetica is deemed to be the best text for sales approaches


Vantaa, Finland         I just want equalize world for everybody, safe for children, good education and healthcare. That no one doesn't have to suffer hunger, illnesses and money problems. That everyone can vote and tell their opinions without having to fear if it someone doesnt like it. As simple as it can possibly be.


I'm all about it. Contact me at


Karachi, Pakistan       Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I would like to learn more about the concept of common  planet. I strongly believe the world would be a wonderful place if we could live as fellow human beings not defined by nationality caste creed religion colour or sexuality but this is a wishful idea. My email:


Portland, OR, USA       Hey! Thanks for reaching out. I took a read of your manifesto & it's admirable what you're doing! I agree with a lot of what you say, like eradicating debt and creating a more equal world. I think it will take incredible work to get that far. At the moment I'm concentrating on the plight of the natives at standing rock as well as the environment generally. I think money is the root of evil but getting people on board with that will be an enormous struggle. Do you follow or know about Trews on Youtube? Russell Brand. He's genius

Hi Adelina. My email is  - if you ever need any graphic design or photography let me know! And yes please send me info about your meetings.

It reads well & sounds idyllic in many ways. You seem to be using pictures on the website to show the text, that is generally not recommended for search engines as they are unable to read the text well. Also for phones and mobile devices they can be problematic. Is there a specific reason you're using images?

Understood, it's hard to try and do everything yourself! Good luck for now, and if you do want help please let me know and I will see if I am able. My wife and I have a four month old so I dont have bags of spare time, but holler if and when. All the best


Fort Worth, TX, USA

Thank you....I'll read and get back to you.  I read it....and I have a similar plan, but either way, transcending into, hypothetically speaking, an altruistic democracy (or something very similar), is very complex and will take mass coordination, on top of breaking through barriers of old world order paradigms being held on to.  An initiative like this will take impressive spearheading across many demographics.  I'm certainly all for a global state of, like I said, an altruistic democracy or something similar, but I am just one person, alone...AND poor.  I try to do personal things to make things better, but we both know that's not system busting quality.  I have thought about this for a long time, and consider myself a system buster...but I can do very little.  I will continue to follow you and keep myself updated on any progress.  Your vision is encouraging.  Thank you.


USA      I looked it over. I do agree there are lots of positive ideas, hope for improvement in this world and how we care for each other worldwide, which, of course, we can and should do much better. I do not agree with demeaning name-calling of any current professions eg financial, security - people are just trying to serve the best they perceive they can in the world as it is now.

If,on reread, I have more thoughts, I will write again.   Lisa


Just finished reading through the latest link you sent, I won't lie I am not educated enough in the subject areas to offer an informed opinion, I feel, I however noticed nothing wrong with the proposed ideas based on my gathered knowledge of the Common Planet plan. I don't doubt there may be an area or two that need 'perfecting' but I do not currently know what they may be if so. The proposal is well thought through and also encouraging, I will continue to expand my knowledge to the areas most important however so I may end up having a note or two, who knows heh.  Thank you for your work so far, and adding to the universe. Also I hope to attend a meetup here in the near future as well.


USA      sorry just saw reading now.  do you have any examples on people who have not used reason to tackle a problem ? i'm confused on why you would  not want reason as a part of any movement unless you mean to take innovative chances ?


Hillingdon, London, UK       Hi Adelina

Thanks, I totally agree the system makes rich richer and poor poorer we the 99 % don't use the power we all have as a group we have more buying power together than them.  Every week we buy food fuel & we use banks together we can boycott one of each until they drop their prices & we force them to stop price fixing and keep doing it until they know that we are their masters



You are a beautiful person, Adelina, and I hope the best for you and your friends. I read your introduction. As a former homeless person, I know the solution is not a simple one. There is a hierarchy Drugs and alcohol are very destructive


Glasgow, Scotland       Dear Adelina,

Thank you for getting in touch and apologies for my late reply. I think perhaps the plan is a little over-emotive as the language and capitalisation may dissuade readers. Just a brief thought!

Best wishes,  Juliet



Thank you for your message, I enjoyed reading and researching the topic of a currency. I believe you are on to something even though i feel as if it's a form of Globalism I have not yet thought about. It is a worthwhile question IMO to ask these sort of questions to always find to solutions to these bigger than life problems. The overview of the idea sounds feasible in theory, and I would like to hear much more on the topic with some theoretical models. cheers


Bonn, Germany

In principle the idea is a good start, but a Basic Income is itself not enough. It is much better to bring money into circulation than via debt and private banks. But money tends to concentrate itself as a result of its design and human nature. So the easiest solution is to tax the rich. The freigeld principle developed by Silvio Gesell is nailing the problem with money. It puts a tax on money, so there are no tax havens anymore and its fair and induce investments.

But i think this could also be archived by your Reward currency, though this is not my path to go.


London, UK

Hi, it's 7:15 here in London so I'm not really with it, but if one was to trade in one's assets for Rewards on top of the basic Rewards one receives in accordance with their age, won't the wealth inequality recreate itself? And if the exchange rate is poor, those in power and those in wealth will completely prevent such a transition of currency, making it harder for such a revolution to foment?

There's a book by an academic called Badiou who basically says that for change to occur, ideas or 'truths' must traverse the social boundaries of society. In other words, getting all on board. Even though he wrote about riots and uprisings, I still think it's very poignant.  Also, I like the idea of moving away from the consumerism that had engulfed our society. It's a good point, that does it really matter if people can buy more 'stuff'


CA, USA       Interesting concept but everyone will need to agree for it to work. How can that be accomplished?


Missoula, MT, USA

Hi Adelina, I just moved back to Missoula after 16 years on/off in PDX< I love this globalized freedom from gvt movement and collective forwarding of Universal Basic Income! If you've got any meet ups in this university town- please keep me posted!


Glasgow, Scotland

Dear Adelina, Thank you for getting in touch and apologies for my late reply. I think perhaps the plan is a little over-emotive as the language and capitalisation may dissuade readers. Just a brief thought!   Best wishes, Juliet



Hi Adelina , great vision, the ruling masters NWO how could we oust the 1% ?  Freedom of speak is under attack now, censoring soc media for "fake news" very upsetting. Mail :


USA             I'm all open for ideas.. And I'd love to see this actually replace the fraudulent monetary system our world currently has..but how in the world would we ever replace these big bank slavers? Realistically..



Alright first of all, Love the idea for the alternate currency. I think it could really cripple the corrupt power bases.  But beyond that, all the ideas are rip offs of communism without modern hindsight on solving issues inherent in communism.  There is no failsafe for faulty human psychology in any of the plans.  But it is a good start for a revolutionary manifesto.  A lot of work still needs to be done to develop a watertight political system beneficial to all.  But at the core of the manifesto it's important to specify the main core goals of what the government should do and uphold.  And these should stand central. Then to uphold a specific goal you could argue that that alternate currency is necessary


Columbia, MD, USA

Thanks, Adelina. Interesting concept. My thoughts on the matter come down to a single thing: I hate money. If I thought your plan was possible, I would be all over it. But, we can't even stop multi-national corporations and governments from poisoning us. I AM an idealist. But, I don't see this happening in my lifetime.


Newport News, VA, USA

I like the overall document. Would change the writing style perhaps, and try to get the attention of society's "thinking class". lol  I agree with most of the document, and believe it would solve many issues. But there are a couple fundamental flaws.  Good document though, keep it up!  If you want to exchange ideas, email me!



Hi Adelina, Wow the work you all have done and the people you have in your organisation to put together this truly heart warming and humanity focused paper and vision has touched me.  I have been a codependent.  I have been diagnosed with this disorder just recently. I am 33 years old Part of this disorder is I am always trying to help others.  Make others happy.  This paper encompasses my whole lifes goal of bringing humanity and people together.  Becoming one, to quit the separation and divides.  Like I said in one of my tweets, Judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. This world has been run by "masters" too long.  everyone in society, all of humanity has to be accountable for their actions, this will enabble humanity to reach levels unheard of.  Right now our government and other governments of the world are corrupt.  it is all because of greed.  I want to be a part of team, and will do all I can to help you in your endeavor.  I have quite a story to tell and I have been telling it over twitter recently.  I hid in the shadows and fear ruled my life and I now see this is because they were my masters.  I have freed myself from their grasp and the information I have can change history.  I hope you include me on your team and put me to work to help humanity become better, I always stand on truth to lead the way.  So whatever I can do to help you and your team make this vision a reality, please let me know.



Hey Adelina,

I check out your intro on EarthVote.  I would say, the biggest obstacle is that your movement falls within the silent bounds of Class Warfare, which we have been fighting since the 1700s. Upward mobility traps individuals in lives of consumption they very much do not wish to abandon. It's not that we can't change, its that the vast majority of people that would need to change, are comfortable with their material lives; lives that are accumulating unseen global debts. If you need some writing done, let me know.  I think your project is great!



It seemed interesting a tad worrisome. But interesting. I do agree with some of your viewpoints I'm just unsure of the methods.



Hello Adelina, I´ve read it. Seems interesting. Some suggestions: try not to make part or to make others making part of a group ('Church'). Best is making part of myriad groups. Freedom is that in my humble opinion. Concerning innovation and money, I do agree that collaboration is the further step for a world with a very large population and limited resources. But that might emerge naturally, not obligatorily through some "WE" party that exclude others. That remembered me the Aldous Huxley book, 'Brave New World'. I suggest further insights by reading "Escola de Redes" (which is a non-school of networks!) website . It is in Portuguese, but you can translate it to get the meaning. Thanks for sharing and let´s keep in touch.


Karachi, Pakistan

How virtuous of you, you have indeed thought long and hard to come up with such a unique idea. It sounds great and I would very much want to be a part of it.



Thanks Adelina.  Will most definitely share.  Sounds awesome, though I fear most people are afraid of change and unable to conceptualize the freedom a common planet would offer.  A universal income, the abandonment of nation states and the end of capitalism are the only way to have true equality and freedom.   Jennifer


Salisbury Wiltshire, UK      I can see why others love it . Very interesting and thought provoking and, obvious when you think about it


Minneapolis, MN, USA       Sounds like a great idea, I suspect the masters won't like it.


Neptune Beach, FL, USA

Yes I did and I wholly support the concept. It is of course easily within our capacity as evolved humans. Without the malevolent suppression of our species we would undoubtedly be In a far more advanced reality at this point in time. I am highly interested with the organization and glad to be a part of this movement. I truly do believe the awareness is spreading and a reawakening is imminent.


UK       I like what I've read so far!


Melbourne, Australia

Aha a welcome distraction from trump time

i found it hard to follow where the value in your currency was coming from, Hard to read your stuff on a non-responsive website. It seemed like you will be working for the landed interests with what you are proposing.


Portland, OR, USA     Hey Adelina!    I'm out of town today but will get back to you proper tomorrow. My email is


Count me in Adelina, sounds like salvation.


OR, USA     Dear Adelina,  Thank you for informing me about this movement, and I appreciate that you at EarthVote support the implementation of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) policy. I read your Common Planet essay and I have a few — well, more than a few —  questions about it, since some of the proposals that you laid out seem very difficult to implement (especially within a four-year timescale) and to maintain.


The economics might have unintended consequences, but the software to implement the Reward system seems easy to code. I like the intention behind the plan, very much.   Please use


Torku, Finland       Dear Adelina, I read the intro :) I am very sympathetic but you got the bit about money creation wrong. Central banks do create  money but the bulk of money is created by "normal" banks extending loans to businesses or individuals.

In general I think a Job Guarantee could be better than UBI but that is also better than now.

Hmm, there we disagree I think. There are many things we can automate but there are limits - care for example. The technical aspect can be done by robots but the social not. Humans need real contact, not technology mediated. But if all kinds of other public work can be done by automation - why not? But who will own the robots?  Sure! email is


OR, USA     I thought it was very good but creating an alternative currency system is pretty difficult.  Look at bitcoin.  That's a good start.  I do support this.



It's a great article but there has to also be away to abolish the R right now I'm working with other comrades to eventually build a commune maybe there could be a place for you there solidarity..


BC, Canada        Very interesting. I think this could be the next step for humanity but I don't see this being a possibility within our Era. Partly because there are way too many people on this planet and humanity is obstinate. I believe one day humans can unite and break past the fake societal barriers but for us to reach that level we need to try and fix our Earth under the conditions we already have. Not until then can we do something radical and turn ourselves truly into an advanced civilization.


FL, USA      The direction of the movement is good, but it looks too conspiratorial. Avoid too much capitalization of words like "Masters", it scares the proletariat.  My email is :   thanks!


I had to reread this I love your page and I like the message you give


Wales      Actually, I've already looked over it and it's much like what my husband and I have been saying needed to be done. So I'm with ya.   Sure. It's    Just don't spam me lol. I hope this plan catches on. I fear it may be ahead of its time, but I'm more than willing to see it succeed.  The question had been raised in Europe  as well I've noted.  I'll keep my eye on you guys and gladly help when I am able.  Nice!  Well I wish you much luck. Keep me informed and I'll try to be a vocal supporter as well.


CA, USA            Hmm… it all sounds good as usual. If we could get ppl on board with it, great. I’ll share the link to my followers. GL!  A suggestion: maybe ask those interested to put the link in their profile like I did. Dunno. Cheers!


IN, USA       I have read it and it seems like a manifesto.  I think your utopia would work better in small communities like Twin Oak Farm communities, but globally seems like a dream. I respect what your doing, but I'm on a different path.  There is way to create global community like twin oaks, which would work with your utopia. But you should make your currency work with Bitcoin.  Freedom from what or whom is always different depending who you talk too..  Money can never really bring freedom, because it's root of evil.  (EV Response: greed, there are aspects of Currency that produces too much Power and Greed, but it can still have usefulness as a tool of exchange value, which is what we are proposing)


It's a great idea - I think we will ultimately have to transition to a system like this. The idea of creating an open source system is a good one as well. The more people participate the more robust and fair it can become. Great care has to be taken that people continue to have the ability to make changes to the system and to avoid giving a few control over many. Thanks for your effort!


Word up   ! Keep up the good work. Cheers.    I may be able to help here & there with some graphic design work.(online flyers/logos etc. Keep me posted, cheers.


MO, USA     Think it's great.. Somebody was thinking outside the box!


UK    Interesting Adelina. I look forward to hearing more. Rev Matt

Good news about the URL. My email is  :-)


UK    thanks for this, what I've read so far has many great ideas, that are similar to my own. change has got to come, and working towards a real democracy is central to that.  It's , thanks, I'm interested in learning more.



Hi Adelina, I love the ideas in the common planet. I think it could work although it will take a lot of work and of course the 'masters' aren't going to like it. I think it could be easy to start up local communities who can abandon money as we know it and start their own form of currency. Jacque Fresco had some great ideas also Canadian Nicole Foss. I saw Nicole in my home town of Perth, Australia, although I'm now in Qatar. Good luck and I'll share it around. Thanks Sam xx


CA, USA   What a wonderful idea - systematic structures and fields of power supported by long in place mutual benefit societies does not allow for such -

Yes, things have to change; but as we create new structures that reflect the old structures, we insure that things do not change. The change must be pervasive at it's base, at the beginning for once the system if formed and the longer it remains in place - it become more and more hard to 'change it.'


Sounds good although I've read many works about what to do with the world once the people take the power.  Fewer dedicated to the act of taking it.  The pigs of Wall Street will not go quietly into the night.



Your welcome, and while I agree with all of your policy platform in principle I am an anarchist who believes our institutions are so thoroughly corrupt that meaningful change is impossible at this point without bloodshed. I would have this opinion no matter who won the presidential election, btw.


Quebec, Canada

I truly love the heart & spirit behind your work. I doubt humans will ever live in peace, because we humans are actually primates, monkeys in other words, tribal by nature, and more often than not, foolish as well. I can't guarantee your dreams will come true, but I can at least offer to help by sharing a bit of information with you, that may or may not be useful on your journey & life quest. I suggest you read this work from the Louisiana Law Review

Volume 9 | Number 4, May 1949. The Person in Imagination or Persona Ficta of the Corporation by Maximilian Koessler. Every single company & country on Earth are corporate fictions, or in Latin, Personas Fictas.

I pray you'll excuse me for my slow reply. Just came back home from a week long trip into the mountains where net signals were almost non-existent and also very careful about who I share my personal information with as a general rule.  If you'd like to talk more, or share stuff with me, you can always write to me at


Thank you for your time, Adelina.

The world would be such a beautiful place if every man & woman had a golden heart like yours.

You have my support, always.

Feel free to write to me anytime you’d like. I look forward to hearing from you again Adelina.  Have a beautiful night.



Read it. Love it. I'm so on board to help in any possible way. In fact, my partner is a brilliant philosopher and writer, who I know would be willing to help out with any editing and/or content generation. I second that, although my expertise lie more in social change through art, particularly anything verbal. Do you have a current podcast?  Absolutely. We just left Portland to come be with my family in New Mexico for a while. we miss it! my email is  We're so ready to devote the rest of our lives to this revolution.  Thank You!


Turkey    I appreciate The matters you are concerned with.  These sort of evolutionary acts  should be supported in every possible way.


USA    Thank You. It's interesting, I don't have any judgements so far...


Istanbul, Turkey       thanks as well, it's allready time for autonomy


AZ, USA     Thank you. I will go read it & get back to you. :)  Ooops. I had to go back & finish it. It sounds fair & viable to me. I also believe we are a powerful species treated like slaves & we have adapted the sheep mentality.



Yes, we can and should do better!  This is a good starting concept.


A friend of mine shared with me Common Planet and was immediately intrigued! I've longed for a system that frees people from the prison we are in. A system that is about: love and truth. One that eliminates anyone being poor, starvation, inequality, greed! A system where doing what is best for the group and the planet is rewarded, that motivates people to thrive off of being full of love and cooperation! I'm not exactly sure what either position entails, but I do want to be a part of the change.  Thank you for your time and creating Common Planet.  Love and Light,


WI, USA   I like it. Thanks for your hard work


SD, USA     Awesome sauce very good page.  Sure sure it is , just send the link and I will be watching very nice page


Hello, Adelina. I absolutely love it! I'd love to know more details. The concept is brilliant and doable. I'd love to participate in someway to learn how to create and implement this. Could I share this? Thank you for sharing this.  Violeta


A beautiful idea. Have saved the image and will share with friends.


Finland   Dear Adelina, I read the intro :) I am very sympathetic but you got the bit about money creation wrong. Central banks do create  money but the bulk of money is created by "normal" banks extending loans to businesses or individuals.  In general I think a Job Guarantee could be better than UBI but that is also better than now.



Very interesting concepts. I suppose the song could fit with those ideals in a general sense, about people waking up to realize there's a better way for our society to operate and that we should stand up to corporate and political greed and corruption. Personally, I wasn't pushing for anything that extreme; I would have just been happy to get Bernie Sanders in the White House and get his progressive agenda enacted, but something's gotta give if people keep getting pushed around and squashed down. It might take some time, but someday these ideals can be put into place, but it's not going to be easy. It's going to take all of the light (good) entities standing up to the dark (evil) entities who rule this earth. As Bernie (and others as well) said, change takes place from the bottom up, not the top down. No benevolent leader is going to save us. We have to demand the change, and hopefully it can come without violence. The ideals you talk about may seem unrealistic at this point, but you need to dream big and not stay complacent if you want to get anywhere and make significant and lasting changes. Thanks.


USA.  This sounds an awful lot like communism which has never been successful. No, capitalism is not successful either.


Hello Adelina, I think it’s a good start. Have a great day.


Ontario, Canada

Okay, thanks. My email is . I'm actually looking for something to get involved in right now. This is a little personal, but I just separated from my wife, and I'm not taking it well. I'm hoping some more involvement in activism will help get my mind off things.



I love this. Thank you for sharing!  I love this thought a ton because I was just telling my friend about this the other night! He thought I was crazy for thinking something like this could work, but in an ideal world I'd love this. I'll keep reading and following your stuff. Too cool!



Thanks a Adelina for your message! I'm a big fan of basic income...  Do have my worries of who will be in charged of physical resources, and how corruption can creep in... But I look forward to spending more time learning about cp! Thank you so much!


CA, USA    I've sent you an email to reply to your request. Good Luck!!


Japan     I agree with your theory but have you outlined any praxis?


CA, USA    I'm intrigued. Would be great to speak with the authors. Here is my email:


Your plan is ambitious, however I find myself at odds with some of it's goals. As a market anarchist, and an individualist, globalized systems set of some alarms for me. I'll leave you with a little personal advice, for what it's worth. Check this out> … (PDF version is free to download).


OH, USA    I will read it. I liked it very much.  Would love! My email is


UK     Thanks Adelina. You have some very good ideas here. It's inspiring to see that more and more people are thinking along these lines. Keep up the good work.

ok Adelina here’s my email, but please keep it to yourself


Ontario, Canada   ooh :D ^_^ Sweet, Kinda kinda nice to invited like that.


OR, USA   Thank you :)


It’s a great vision, but I don’t think I will see that happening in my lifetime. Maybe the next life. Too much greed and corruption to let Common Planet be. It would take a worldwide epiphany! I would love to see it happen. Peace. One love.


OR, USA     Hi Adelina, I just skimmed it, and will read it thoroughly momentarily after I catch up on my notifications, but  at first glance it looks great! I am a big proponent of I think what you guys called "basic income" or something like that. Thanks for messaging me!

Yes, I love it! I'm definitely with you. Most people would eventually understand the wisdom of it but I think the #1 obstacle against ideas like this is psychopathy...psychopaths are well represented among the Masters and I believe people have to be aware of them. Non-psychopathic people would live happily with such a system and it would be psychopaths that would fight against it and constantly try to undermine it in order to play their sadistic power games.


USA    I loved what I read but I'll have to get back to you when I have more time. A bit tied up at the moment.


Palestine      I agree with you..  My email address


Hi. I do agree and I'll help spread the word when I can. Thanks. G


Thanks. First read very favorable. Late night and need time to go over. Will get back to you


NH, USA     That’s impressive! I applaud your efforts.  Do you have some involvements from politicians, or the plan for it? Unfortunately I don’t see this being a possibility without proper publicity and backing.


It's amazing! Totally agreed!  You're welcome,  it's great to know that there are people like you out there


CO, USA       TY so much! This looks to me to be a start! I can see it…keep me posted. I’ll connect w/ your sites. Forward together.  Quite honestly, i read it very quickly this morning. It makes sense. Obviously, more info helpful!  I am excited tho, as it is same type thing i have been trying to come up with, but in a much smaller way. Intentional communities.


Adelina,  U'r name means "noble minded." U certainly r. That's super.

Democracy is great but I'm not a globalist. u'r piece is however very interesting & creative.

Wishing you all the best.  Peace, Clyde


This is wonderful. I support this idea with some minor adjustments.



I think they're important issues that must be talked about. It's a great platform. Well written. MY email is    I'd love to be involved. Thank you


Ok, as I read through it I will respond bit by bit. The interesting thing is that what is reasonable and unreasonable is an established dichotomy by the powerful class. The quote comes to mind that the masters tools will never dismantle the masters house, and so your beginning is true, what is reasonable to the master will never lead to a change, in fact, it's the opposite, all that is deemed rational is done so precisely because it supports the status Quo and  serves the ruling class.

But why is the reward chain based on age??   I see



Thanks. First read very favorable. Late night and need time to go over. Will get back to you


Reykjavik, Iceland

Right now the progressives of our world need to focus on three main issues they can work towards collectively together globally and locally in order to move forward, stop the most urgent issues and stop focusing on the minor details. We urgently need create alternatives to the current distrust and rage funneled into the extreme right.


Cambridge, UK

Hi Adelina, these ideas sound brilliant. Your intro paints a beautiful picture of how things could be. Of course, many questions immediately come to mind about how exactly things would work, but I don't see why these issues need be insurmountable problems. My main fear is that it requires humanity to look far ahead to the long term. But we live in a world where climate change is still "denied" by many, where Trump might get elected and where Brexit is actually happening. All examples (and only a very few out of many) of how a lot of people are hopeless at seeing the big picture, only willing to focus narrowly on their own lives, and on the here and now. I wonder if enough people could ever be convinced to have the kind of vision to make your ideas reality. But although it's a tough challenge, nothing is impossible and with so much at stake for humanity and the planet, it is definitely worth every effort.


Perth, Australia

I love the idea behind the concept. The end of private banking, private corporations 'owning' resources and services. I long for voluntary community based sharing of goods and services, of life in peace, governed by equality and love. Homes and medical treatment for all. But It feels like some of the concepts in your plan   Involve a lot of policing themselves. Centralised digital currency. And a kind of 'Enforced fairness'.

I could go on but I'm not sure how interested you are in what I have to say. I want change. Everyone does. But don't exchange one kind of thought police for another. There's a way to  popularise change in way where it feels achievable and worth fighting for without scaring people with concepts that seem so radical they are unwilling to stand up and be counted.... id love to participate



Im from indonesian o agree with some point your plan about the basic income security and in libertarian sense to protect and fight for our autonomy in direct democracy frame. Can i joint with the movements from here?


Thanks, I'll check it out soon  Definitely interesting. The general public requires alot more learning before this could be implemented



I believe cooperate America is behind most of the problems with democracy today. If the playing field were level they would fail very quickly. Without them lining the pockets of politicians, we would at least have a chance for a functional government.  Thanks for the info. I do feel sorry for the people who are not paying attention. A very rude awakening is on its way.


USA & Australia     Adelina: I have emailed you my response!  Right on!


Ontario, Canada

Interesting but would need 2b implemented voluntarily, universally and instantaneously which seems improbably ambitious.  I think I’m a Libertarian, I’m broken, almost retired and left my idealism at the gates of my Alma Mater in 1973. Don’t believe I can be of much use to your organization but you can send me additional reading material:


Interesting to say the least. I've read similar manifestos before though. My email is



One of the things I find a bit complex is the diversity the world has but do I believe in freedom absolutely!


Brighton, UK

Can't read it on my phone very well, will have a look when I get home.  Have you had any thoughts on how humanity can reduce its numbers before nature does it for us?

Well that's just nonsense  we won't be able to reduce the foot print with 10 billion people on the planet. Sorry but you got to face the facts that the reality is there are far to many humans on the planet.  Even if we were all living as sustainable life style as possible we'd still be consuming the planet's resources at an alarming rate. Numbers as you say may fall but that won't be until we reach 10 12 or 14 billon with the reduction due to serious droughts and starvation of many! If you want to save the planet and have a better human civilisation then the reduction of our numbers has to be top of the list of things to do rather than nature to forcing the issue.  Hey but good luck I will continue to follow and hope you achieve good things.



Interesting read and well thought through ideas thanks for sharing this with me Adelina.



It's a wonderful dream, your Utopia would be a far better place to live than where we live now, however, you fail to resolve the biggest issue.... humanity. I won't go into it, it would just end up being a 5 page tirade on how much I hate people, but people are so far gone (and not just the 1%) you could never reach enough of them to achieve your goal, not this century and not even past the next if there is still a  planet left to live on. Even the people who say it's a great idea, and tell you they want to join, will ultimately show the worst in 'mankind'. Thanks though!!



Hello! Thank you for reaching out -- at this time I can't provide you with a true response. What I'll say is, you are putting in a lot of effort which is what this world needs right now. Good luck in the future!



It sounds ambitious. It makes me make lists of my Wants & Needs, and how to meet them.


Honestly I think we should be preparing for mass extinction. Look at the patterns from giant tech corps or nasa. Every other planet is having climate change. The election holds our attention. There is now a space nation being built.. Look at the signs and if you really care share this with your viewers. I'm tired of being trapped and lied to! Why should we spend what might be our last moments on working for someone else!! That's All I need to say!



That's what I believe!!


How apt... just as I was listening to Bowie's Changes and Rebel Rebel. Cheers! :)

Not judging, but right now, it's coming off like a scam to me. I'm practically signing off my "assets" to you... and where does it go? The concept of earning R's is intriguing... but where does it come from? I must read/research more. You've got my attention but not my vote yet... we'll see. For now, thanks for the heads-up. I salute you for your bravery! Change has to start from somewhere.


I absolutely love it! I'm currently recovering from a case of food poisoning, but I will delve deeper soon! Love and respect for what you stand for!



In theory, this is a fantastic plan. However, what if this turns from being a great idea that ends up being orchestrated by evil? Which has happened time and time again in human history. Granted, I have lived a middle class life my entire life, now more on the lower class spectrum, but I've never experienced poverty. According to Western Standards I am not privileged, but according to Earth standards I'm a very fortunate human.

I'll definitely read about this some more and possibly spread the word in the future, but I'm just weary of globalization because of the amount of power evil people could have. I'm sure it's inevitable for the human species to become a part of one global union, it's just an Orwellian type of thought that scares me.


I thought it was very interesting. I like the idea of a digital currency that has coins "minted" for everyone at launch. Proportionality to everyones age seems like elders may get too much. I agree people shouldn't have to work in old age but creating a system were everyone 70 and over instantly becomes the recipient of a massive amount of R's may cause problems. Although what you are proposing is no longer "money" it still translates as influence and needs to be fairly divided. Tweeks could be proposed, such as proportionality to the square root of age with a limit that nobody is considered over 64. After some study and debate a set of appropriate distributions could be found, which we could then put to a vote.  I would like to read more about what you're doing.  It seems you've already being reaching out to other groups to build consensus - here's my email:



I'd re-write the first section that talks re: masters, freedom, etc. Let's not point at others. For example, instead of saying why haven't humans ever had freedom, because there have always been masters, what about challenging how hierarchy is achieved? Because, in fact, the reason why hierarchy survives is because people LIKE structure, and in lots of ways structure works. We need to transform that structure into one that is EASILY participatory and responsive. Just some ideas.

Right, so I think the first section sounds like an attack. Not that there's not plenty of reason to attack the way it is right now - a corrupt, unsustainable structure that primarily accrues benefit from our labor/intellect to the 1% oligarchy.



Excellent idea, the capitalists and globalists won't want to give up their 'wealth' and 'control' easily that will be the transitional problem. but we certainly need to address that technology should do the drudge work and people should not be valued on what they are forced to contribute.  I love it.

There needs to be a universal income for everyone, with top up available.  So many things to consider but just the idea will change the global consciousness for the better.  I will follow the project and spread the word.



Well I personally love the whole idea of it. I probably couldn't've thought of a more better way for the world to work, and I find it funny that the ideals presented in the intro align identical to mine. So, of course, I love it. I think any considerate thinking person would find this ideal more pleasing and preferred over any concept set in place today.  I think what you're doing is great, and I'll definitely look into it more



Hi Adelina, I read Common Planet not long after you published it. I love it, can't wait for it to happen. I'm wondering what will trigger it though as great change like this is scary for the masses. Subtle changes like the ones instigated by Elon are good first steps I believe. Obviously the impending financial crash could be a great trigger point for the needed revolution. Here's hoping.


Yes, hello Adelina. I reviewed the proposal. I think I read the whole thing when I originally followed this account.

In theory I like the ideas. Realistically, however, I don't think we could go from current state to...I'll call it "R." There would inevitably be a massive power struggle, and not just from empowered masters. Anyone who has leveraged themselves to create and snowball surpluses of wealth would not participate. The current model is working to well for them, and will for their grandchildren. I am also skeptical toward the very idea of humans in power "over" other humans. Private interests, err "what the money said to do," prey on human weakness and lack of honorable principles. So even a good-natured person who is empowered as a master can't stand a chance. At best they can settle for the least of some evil. Back to R. It would have to be completely governed by machines. Programmed and not reprogrammable. Otherwise R would somehow breed its own version of masters. Though, again, what I see missing is a practical transition. Maybe the dollar will have to collapse. No telling. Inherently there is just too much financial power against an idea like this. Nevertheless I like it. I just don't see it. Yet…    USA



Yes I liked it. It is though a bit pie in the sky! But what plan isn't in the beginning.     USA


As you wish, Adelina. Much light.  Dear Adelina, Love your worker co-op, rewards presented. I would add our great need to ReIndigenize the planet (John Mohawk & Vandana Shiva). Great work. Have a blissful day.



1. Anyone who has ever committed a victimless crime is free, released from prison/jail/probation and gets R for x amount of years/time served.

    2. Anyone who has any type of murder charge or sex offense crime gets zero R.

    3. Anyone who has paid taxes gets bonus R for x amount of years paid or equivalent to how much they paid.

It's a great concept, its got bugs but its not like what we are doing doesn't. Least we can hire our own police and get rid of prosecuting people committing victimless crimes which tax dollars are wasted on. The coup de grace is it ends government which ends taxation to fund wars which kills people.


i've been an idealist for a long time and it's nearly impossible in my mind, to translate my ideals into something practical and/or logistical, for anyone other than myself at any given moment.  i would however support anything in this world that provides and/or encourages freedom and safety for everyone.



Interesting.1). the world isn't ready for this. That shouldn't stop you, but you say reasonableness should be abandoned! I agree that  genius defies reasonableness but incremental change is better than backsliding 2). Although I agree with guaranteed income, being a "Leveler" requires coercion.  This would just devolve into socialist or communist dictatorship.  We have chosen the path of market economy, and there's no reason we can't push inclusive economics with that model. If we are always looking backwards,  we will surely get into a head-on collision. Instead , why don't work toward making this system better by unraveling the failings.  We have made significant progress in terms of racial understanding and acknowledging income equality.  We have a long way to go, but we are wasting time with ideologies when we have a system that we can work on!!  You guys really need a devil's advocate!  I'd be happy to oblige.  Every intelligent human being needs a devil's advocate


I dont undersrand, there would be a huge war.

The haves vs us, power isnt given up. If we were to have a equal status there would be to many people that think they are better then others and thus a problem arises. If it is to work there would first be a call to arms. Like tyranny, its taken with force. How can we stop the rothschild or rockafeller familys? The banks own the militarys, media, educational systems, food distribution etc. How would this work with out war?


Thank you I'll let my friends know..


Sounds like utopia to me; now, what to do about resistance from existing wealth and power.



It's a pleasure to see cohesive effort in confronting an extremely difficult situation. A bit about me, I am pro Bernie but this election has forced me to realize my dreams of peace, equality, and prosperity to be obtained later through financial investments. In the process of learning about currencies, I've decided that two things must happen. 1 there must be an inflation for low wage earners, this will narrow the gap between rich and poor. 2 the wealthy must have a maximum wage to ensure the money doesn't flow back up. I propose heavy taxation above the maximum pay, per company worked for and not board members, so that more jobs are created if more pay is desired.

I like the idea of reward money. However I believe this is better as a transition from money than a replacement. There would be major layoffs and the potential crisis over a change like this. The markets would plummet and foreign currency would devalue to next to nothing causing outrage as well as war threats over debts owed. I get that your system would eventually help get us out of problems like that but we aren't ready. Policy needs to change towards resource based economy but this won't happen till Africa is modernized and their resources plundered as we're already seeing happen.

At this point, I believe the most effective approach toward progress is a living wage and maximum wage. And of course end tax loopholes for the rich. Maybe in the next decade, we can enable the reward currency to make the final push into an age of standard well being.

It amazes me how technologically capable we are as a society but crippled by politics and greed. I hope I've helped with your quest.

Always open to questions, comments, and opposition, Grant


Belgrade, Serbia

I like this.  Ps: I'm student of Biological facultety in Belgrade, and i love our Eart and the nature, but  man goes on to destroy himself, destroying nature and their environment


Excellent idea, the capitalists and globalists won't want to give up their 'wealth' and 'control' easily that will be the transitional problem. but we certainly need to address that technology should do the drudge work and people should not be valued on what they are forced to contribute.  I love it.  There needs to be a universal income for everyone, with top up available.  So many things to consider but just the idea will change the global consciousness for the better.  I will follow the project and spread the word.


Adelina, I just received your message. I will study the 'plan' and if I have sound ideas I will inform you. Otherwise I thank you, and support you as necessary. Regards, Omer.

 I need time to express any opinion. In general I can say that any substitute of 'money' seems to me problematic. On the other hand nations and war industry are big hurdles,


Kwara State, Nigeria

Our voices must count. Wow bravo @earthvote. We need to put the spirit of capitalism down. I wish to become fully member of this great organization


I think it's cool but I live to far away for the meeting


London, UK

Hi Adelina thanks for the link. I read your page and think it's admirable of you to be doing this.  I've been reading and researching a lot about these types of causes/groups etc. I had previously joined venus project meet up groups in London to see how resource based economies could be started  Or if there were people already starting this Of late I've been watching many more documentaries and also reading more and more on sustainable living Minimalist living to get my family off the consumer and materialistic conveyor belt.  I'm happy to push forward ideas, articles, further reading that can help fuel the groups interest in getting to a fair society where everyone is included.  So yes count me in!


Great! Ill definitely give u guys positive feedback. You can call me Phil

Im 100% in support of this. I like your plan, i will keep a close eye on it as it develops. One vip issue is how the people that control things in this world will take to this. Whats your action for that? They have shown that they'll stop at nothing with no negotiations. Sad but scary. The less ppl to get hurt the better. What do ya think?


I'm all for equality. However equal chance does not provide an equal outcome. I like the fervor and something definitely has to be done.

But an appeal to any "authority" is not freedom.  Providing another fiat currency in the form of credits or otherwise still leads to the same problems we have now. It's a change to another slave master.

I've been fortunate enough to live in multiple nations and cultures around the world. Centralization of anything begets corruption. The most free people on earth have no government, no money and use voluntary agreements as their basis for interaction.

If I missed anything in your proposal please let me know. I am interested in learning this new point of view. Regardless of what I might think it means

Ok. I look forward to it. We need solutions, now more than ever.


I read that Adelina, the introduction. it needs a lot of polish. About 1000 pages of polish to be close, then you can get into the fine print of the next 50,000 page and then, have comparative analysis.  A future concept nevertheless.

You miss the point entirely. Step back for a moment, and look back on the Earth as a whole.  Do not look at today, forward, work backwards to this day. Chosea focal point say 1000 years in the future. Can you imagine it? Can you imagine 500 years, How about 200 years?  How about 100?  Work back to today. Then fill in the parts that are needed. Until you get to your starting point in the future.

Ok. You asked why you were wrong.  If you read it and analyzed what you read. You would understand that you have a thesis statement. You don't have all the part needed, from what I read you have "R" reward system, but there is not justification of what cost what, produce is goods, cars, houses ,, is arbitrary you need to learn raw product ot finsihed product and manufacturing cost.  and then after that economic you need to understand consumer explicit equilibrium and how your going to convenience people who have been on this "form" payment of for centuries why your compartitive anylsis is


Thanks. I'm working all day today but will have a look over the weekend.

I just read it and can safely say we are on the same. My website should be up this weekend and it has more information about my book. These are the 5 minimum characteristics I propose for sustainable societies

Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

  Cyclical Resource Use (C2C) and Advanced Technology

  Individual and Collective Psychological Freedom

  Effective & Egalitarian State Forms and Non-State Forms (NSFs)

  Holistic, Compassionate and Research-Based Education Systems

Thanks. Some of my book is quite technical but some of it is very speculative. It's written a more journalist and populist style as my aim was always for it to be widely read. It was absolutely a labour of love!



You should talk to the RBE folks as they need a transistion plan to change out of this system to a no money system. Maybe this would help them.  Thank you for sending the link.



Adelina, Thank you for the kind words. I like what I see, I'll spend more time reading and get back to you with more feedback


Miami, FL

Nice read Adelina, I actually agree with what your trying to do, is it the best way? Not sure, but the current owners will not let the current system go without nuclear fallout. Good Luck!


I'm all for equality. However equal chance does not provide an equal outcome. I like the fervor and something definitely has to be done.  But an appeal to any "authority" is not freedom.  Providing another fiat currency in the form of credits or otherwise still leads to the same problems we have now. It's a change to another slave master.

I've been fortunate enough to live in multiple nations and cultures around the world. Centralization of anything begets corruption. The most free people on earth have no government, no money and use voluntary agreements as their basis for interaction.

If I missed anything in your proposal please let me know. I am interested in learning this new point of view. Regardless of what I might think it means.


Berlin, Germany

Great! Good Job - worth to support. RT done & connected on Twitter.

In the long run success will be because / if  it attracts peoples energy!

I even appreciate the remembrance of  Buckminster Fuller - the quote on your website - very much.  Since long I am already participating via Noosphere! Never forget you and your friends and supporters are not the only one fighting for a better world with much energy and good ideas. To name just three giants more of them - besides Buckminster Fuller: Jacques Fresco * Christopher Alexander * Richard Neutra Interdisciplinary Communication is / will be extremely  important!  Best wishes


Ok. I look forward to it. We need solutions, now more than ever.



Thanks for the link. Busy time right now, so I didn't get a chance to do much more than skim your manifesto. Like all great ideas, I would say that the hard part is implementing it. But to change everything, it takes everyone. And planetary change requires consciousness change. And you are lighting the fires that will burn down capitalist consciousness so that the fields may be sewn with compassion, understanding, and human solidarity.  As long as we can keep the developers, yuppies, and capitalists from seizing our beloved Portland, the the Conscious Revolution might as well start here!

Peace, Love, and Solidarity.



Definitely interesting, although I'm not sure something like that could work realistically. It's a nice thought, though. People are too greedy for something like this to really take effect.


San Diego, USA

Thanks for the invitation. That's one interesting and optimistic answer to the problems that plague us. I'll read through your manifesto a few more times and consider it, Adelina.

In the meantime accept my share and follow as sign of solidarity, before moving forward.



Yes ok interested. Tell me more.


I read the article, we are very interesting, unfortunately we have become nothing on this Earth, but we must fight for our rights and for our land that belongs to us. Thanks for message.



Hi, i will check out later... Thank you for the information. All together against the destroyers of the planet! Nice day.  Your mission are the right words. I really hope for you all you will succeed!


I look forward to it. I believe you are thinking about something that's been on my mind for some time, but the idea has been too elusive & I haven't been able to grasp it at all. So, take care, & I look forward to hearing more from you.


Everything that you stand for and what is on your site along with your tweets I agree with. We need more people who truly understand what life is about. Society has brainwashed the masses and in the mean time out earth is being destroyed and torn apart. The people are being divided more than ever and only love and compassion can fix that. I appreciate you spreading the word of what is really important in this world.  u have my support


I read the whole thing, and it's very interesting. I would like to know more. I will think about it and reread it again.


Love it, liked the page on Facebook


I have read this document over several times. I am totally impressed with the ideas on housing and also merit in volunteerism. My cousin and I spoke about the development of what we called the 'practical arts' in which many of us worldwide can participate in ecological work, housing, agriculture. I think that is brilliant. I agree too that I trust the uniqueness and beauty of humans to manage themselves and free the world of envy and hate. I like the block chain idea! Although after studying bitcoin for a few years I still feel like I could use a more layperson write up on how this would work. But I think I would love it. I am hopeful! I know others are too. I see this as a great opportunity to rebuild our planet the way we wish to see it. Thanks for sharing this and I have been sharing it with family and friends. Much love to you.


An amazing document. Send it to everyone I'd say, thank you for sharing


It sounds like a good plan on paper, but how would something like this be implemented? It would definitely be a fair way of evening the playing field for everyone.  This sounds like the ideal plan for the planet and possibly the only salvation for humankind


NC, USA.  Very ambitious.  I'm for it.  Good luck.


Hello, I believe that this is a great way to share your thoughts and have them affect the way we live. Honestly, I believe if you keep moving forward with this idea, you could make an impact full change in the world we live in! Keep up the great work!


I love it! Seems like a good place to start & count me in!


yes i read it and i love it too.  sorry for not msging u back, after i read it i forgot to come back here lol.  kudos to you all.


Like you Adelina, this is an issue that I've spent a lot of time thinking about (although your clearly  putting in the actual effort). I truly believe the dream is achievable, but the way forward is hard to see, especially on a large scale. The most through, well thought out ideas I've seen are from Jacque Fresco and the Venus Project (resource based economy).  I think one of two things will play out in the not too distant future, and the key is technology. I think through AI (and the singularity) we will either morph into a more advanced, eutopian society where we take care of each other and nature... or we march towards human extinction. Psychedelics can also play a huge role in changing how people see the world and how they fit into it... just a few of my thoughts, happy to talk about it any time,    Ron.


Damn but the plan is pretty good I rate it


I have had these thoughts before... Thank god I'm not the only one lol... I am on that "level" I don't think I'll ever be able to understand what satisfaction they get from being a puppet master... They are the ones that feel "entitled" like they have "earned" the right to control us/the environment... How could they have no value for human life... Like they are "above" us... This is your earth too... We were all planted from the same seed... They have forgotten and became blind to the beauty of mother nature and what this world can offer... So fake so materialistic... "Everything in nature is free, all that is asked is that we take care of it" We would need the financial system completely wiped out. I like to ask people who do you think owns the money? They are the ones who have control... We need no type of currency what so ever... We would need some type of barter system... I do believe this is possible... People would choose skills based on their passion and what comes from the heart... Hopefully find their "purpose" so to say... My family thinks I am insane lol... But I truly believe we would still have doctors, and home builders, etc. We can trade skills for skills... And if we wanted to travel I'm sure we would still have pilots and captains and we could just help out that local community while visiting...


I dream of a world such as the one described...the problem is, just how do we get people to believe when we are so brainwashed into the system we are currently a part of? People are so resistant to change...


Found your site and visited your FB page too. You're speaking my language.


First, thank you for considering me in regards to Earthvote. It is good to see others like myself attempting to unite human beings across the globe. A truly noble endeavor indeed. There is merit in your proposal and I believe a collaboration would be in order. The technological aspects of your proposal are sound. I believe the reward system might prove to be problematic from the outset and throughout. I have many questions to be clear but, I do agree with the idea of encouraging others to re educate themselves in how they approach each other and the planet in a more humane way. I eagerly await your reply.

Best Regards,


I like it. I would suggest, that for true reformation, change out the gender biased term "mankind" for the gender neutral term "humankind." It's more important than many think.


I absolutely love the ideas listed and stated in your attachment. I feel as though our minds are akin in virtue. Revolution in an unjust and oppressed society is the most sacred word spoken aloud or in secret. And it emanates from ones mouth as brightly as the sun at dawn. Your perspective is virtue incarnate. A rare perspective indeed. I am utterly inspired by your ideals as I am of all those that seek justice for the masses oppressed by the masters of society. Thank you for reaching out to me. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Will do. Keep working hard..I am certain the rewards will be more than fulfilling. :)


Im glad you guys are around #luv u


I have read it and fully support it. Our current systems - economic, social, political - are ineffective and are clearly failing humanity. Neoliberalism isn't the answer; there is no true justice; our political and corporate masters give us "rights" and take them away the moment they feel threatened by our unrest. I've been extremely dissatisfied with this current state for some time and this movement gives me much hope. This is a sacred effort, and I will definitely be supporting its growth. Thank you for your work.


Something similar to what I have been postulating for many years. Logical and workable.


I was going through your tweets; I feel like wanting to re-tweet each one of them ! Appreciate your exceptional sense of Liberty & freedom !

I read it through in full ! Frankly, I was not able to grasp the practical aspects of the R system, despite giving some attention ! It seems an economic solution to the issues of the world. Both


Lovely on point.  I shall share with as many souls as possible.  Thank you so very much for including me and also for all that you are doing to inform and educate.  Arielle


Wow. It's a scary concept, until you realize that paper money is paper. I was looking into bartering. We desperately need change, I'm game for trying something different. What's happening now isn't working for the people.


Yeah I read it, and I agree. How could you not agree, there is no rationality in a system made for 1%.


Hi Adelina, thanks for sending the link.  I'm delighted to see ideas for a system that puts benefit over progress, but I do have some worries with the system outlined here.  Democratic decisions could still be oppressive to minorities.  For example, what if more than half of the world's population decided that homosexuality was wrong and that anyone providing support or education on the topic should not be rewarded for doing so?


The idea's of common planet is great. I agree with most of the stuffs you guys said. But, how could we even make this work? I'd love to know more about this.


You're preaching to the choir. If we can end material poverty, we can then move on to ending intellectual poverty. From there humanity will have the tools to build a society we can all be proud of.


I like what you are doing and where you are headed. Let me know how I can help your organization.


Yes! Count me in!



I've read it a while ago, of course I love it, like all projects that promote a peaceful, money-free world & society. But sadly I don't think enough people will wake up. There are just too many who either don't seem to have the intellectual capacity or the will to even acknowledge everything that's wrong, question their own behaviour or that of others, let alone change their worldview and their own lives accordingly. I see it in my own parents, god knows I've tried to wake them up, not happening.

Also I'm kinda lookiing for a solution for myself that can be achieved within the next 5-10 years. If I don't find one I'll be damned. And the most important part for me is finding like-minded people because I know I can't do it alone but I don't know anyone in real life who shares my views and would support me yet and it's very hard to find such people.


CA, USA I'm a big fan of your content as well. Your message and goals are exactly what the world needs now, right now. I will absolutely contact you via email...thank you so much for the invite.


I think it's a great idea but will never be able to work unfortunately in the manner that was laid out.  I do think that helping people with how they can make less of an environmental impact is possible. If we all just chipped in to consume less, pollute less, re-use, recycle, and contribute by using green energy, things could look better for the future.

How would the proposed plan go into effect and how would you change people's minds that it is a better way?


I'm doing more research into basic income. Scott Westerfeld wrote the book Extras which has a Reputation economy which is like a Reward system.  This is something that I will continue to learn more about.


dont wanna play any money interest disguised games


Definitely interesting, although I'm not sure something like that could work realistically. It's a nice thought, though. People are too greedy for something like this to really take effect.


Ontario, Canada

Thanks, Adelina. I'm glad to see what you're doing. Have you read anything by John Ralston Saul? Might I suggest you watch a few interviews and talks he's given, as well as his nonfiction books starting with "Voltaire's Bastards?" Christopher Hedges, the US intellectual, credits JRS with influencing his own thinking. In addition to Saul and Hedges, you might read Chomsky (I'm sure you have already).


Adelina-- Thanks for the link. Busy time right now, so I didn't get a chance to do much more than skim your manifesto. Like all great ideas, I would say that the hard part is implementing it. But to change everything, it takes everyone. And planetary change requires consciousness change. And you are lighting the fires that will burn down capitalist consciousness so that the fields may be sewn with compassion, understanding, and human solidarity.

As long as we can keep the developers, yuppies, and capitalists from seizing our beloved Portland, the the Conscious Revolution might as well start here!

Peace, Love, and Solidarity.



No. Sure, you'll need my oil and gas for everything or our 200k acres of land for solar wind etc idiot I'm a liberal but it's Idiots  like you that make some of us  more cautious as to who to financially support people and groups like Next gen a true climate change  group!


Looks like a worthy plan. One suggestion: setting a time specific to realize your goals may limit your vision. While the time for change is now you cannot move faster than the group to arrive at mission fulfillment. And your group is: USA. A notoriously SLOW changing mass of humans. Having said that, keep going. There's no other sane option. Peace, M. O'K.


hi, yes, agree money is at the heart of many of the worlds problems and you need to be able to describe alternative futures, but you will to work on how the transition could happen


It sounds good!


I think Earthvote is going into specifics too soon.

Most people are unaware there are problems in the sense that they think what is going on in the world is random and haphazard. They do not realise that events are controlled and have a purpose.  Even highly intelligent people either don't realise or, perhaps, think in the long term it would be better to have a one world government.

So in the first instance awareness must be raised and people need to educate themselves. That is what I try to do with Tweets.


Hi Adelina. Thank you for sharing this Mission Paper with me. I heard so much of my own thoughts and ideas in that paper, as well as your statements on the  site.  For now, the only thing of significance that I think must be order to respect every individual's viewpoints...are the references to a god. While I am a spiritual person, I do not believe in any gods. I believe that WE are all connected by the ancestry of life and that OUR common Mother is Earth.  That said, for those who still believe in god(s), they also believe that their god is real, while others are not real.  So, who is correct?  You, me, someone else?  Spirituality is where I'd leave it, as the simple mention of god will alienate a growing majority of people.  Cool, it's good to know that you are thinking dynamically right from the beginning.  It sounds like I'm talking to another the many brothers & sisters I have been blessed to know throughout life.


Hello Adelina, I read your introduction. I like that Global Revolution idea. I would like to listen your plan about how we can do this change in our lives.


Love it! I like the idea of a Global Reward system. My father and I spoke of this 25 years ago. Also the same idea regarding the Reward system.


Thank you very much for sharing this information with me. I am quite impressed! However I naturally do have some questions about Common Planet society. #1: When it comes to R, will a person be able to receive it due to just obeying community laws and not causing wanton crime? e.g street gang activity, rape, vandalism etc #2: Will a person be able to receive R for following other laws such as driving laws? #3: And if a person disobeys community laws what happens to R and will that person face consequences for their criminal actions? #4: Will people still have the right to religion? #5:Does this system entail any obligation to taking any sort of "mark(s)" e.g. The Christian proverbial 666? #7: What would happen to those who might for whatever reason wish to refuse accepting R and Common Planet living structure? I know I've asked a lot of questions,but I'm quite stoked at this plan for a better world to live in.  Oh,by the way... My Real name is :)  is just my twitter account name. I'm use this account as a "sock" account due to the fear that if I should say something that hurt someone's feeling it may threaten my ability to get a job currently, and yet as human being, I feel I should have the right to my thoughts even if others don't agree with them. After all, isn't that the thing that makes democracy so great the ability to be able to free to disagree at will and have criticism and opinions as one sees fit? Anyways, I'm looking forward to your answers to my questions. Again, I'm quite stoked at this plan of EarthVote's.


Hi Adelina ;-) That sounds like a beautiful dream! What a beautiful place earth would be without greed ;-)  Thanks, My email is . I am danish and lucky for us, we don´t have such big problems as in the States. We take care of each other. Free education, free healtcare, You are paid to go to school and paid 6 mdr maternaty leave. minimum wage is 20 dollars. free elder care and much more.  We only have 37 hour work week. Actually we are pretty happy here. The only thing that is not perfect is the weather ;-)))) We have a goverment made of 9 parties so nobody get a lot of power...constant comprimize.;-) I am here because Bernie got me hooked and to support good people that want PEACE! What is happening right now in the States is making ALL OF US very worried and afraid. Yes, feel free to email me. I will listen in. - thanks


Hi a quick look through and I'm interested! I'm already a big fan of basic income. I don't think I agree with everything but that's OK. I do agree with most of it. Not sure about the debt write off, I think debt should be reduced to the original amount minus all interest and charges,payments already made. I think people do need to be responsible for their decisions but not to be exploited via charges and interest.  I'm still to be convinced about restricting what you can spend (R) on. As It feels very controlling but I do understand your arguments for doing it. Still not sure about that one. I remain open minded on these points though and Have been known to change my mind if I hear or read good reason to. I will follow with interest.Kind regards Stella.x


This is a good start. Take a look at the Zeitgeist Movement or Venus Project. All are headed the right direction. Any format of money needs to be removed. What are the stop gaps for potential corruption.


It seems like the most pure and logical form of communism. I'm curious how you plan to get there. Electoral politics? Education and advocacy?


Fascinating! My immediate thoughts were: what about mentally or developmentally disabled people or drug addicts/alcoholics, who aren't able to earn R, and who may actually TAKE from a symbiotic system, rather than GIVE to it? I'll read it more slowly again & think about it some more. Thanks for forwarding it!


Cheer's... Ideally it'd be more of a transitory system until people are able to move forward beyond the current status quo :)


Adelina, yes...on the right track you are. I'm a chaotic structure person. Centrist. Dualist. I have faith and contempt for humanity


Cheers for sharing that Adelina, I really enjoyed it. About the only reservation I have is that I don't know if enough people are sufficiently motivated or knowledgeable enough to abandon the status quo.  Then again, that's what we are for ;)  I'd love some more info,, had some fun designing an alternate political system as well, the link is on my pinned post if your interested.

Cheer's... Ideally it'd be more of a transitory system until people are able to move forward beyond the current status quo :)


Hi Adelina, thank you for sending this to me. It is a beautiful beginning outline to an idea so many of us want to see come to fruition. I have thoughts on this but would like to organize them better before I submit my opinions in reply. Blessings upon you and yours, I look forward to speaking with you more.


It's amazing! A really appreciate that you're trying to change the world! Congratulations and go for it


I agree with the idea of a basic income, but I think the way this idea is delivered in this article is too much on the "radical" side for most people.


read the page Common-Plannet very carefully and agree with most of your ideas. Just one big question what if the masters of today do not want the changes you are proposing?

Yes I am wondering. I am absolutely convinced that many are convinced that there is a HUGE, ENORMOUS problem that scares most of them and that certainly none of the traditional "elitist" politicians are willing to solve. I will email you.


Hey! Might take me a while to read the whole thing but I like your drift. Will let you know when I'm through. Thanks!

I like it except that some parts -- get ready -- are not radical enough for me. Mainly it still retains the capitalist idea of competition / "incentive" which I consider superfluous and destructive. How about a basic income that CANNOT be altered up or down? (i.e. no bonuses) Think people would sit on their ass? Ask some unemployed people about that!


Good to know, I'll give it a look and let you now if I have any ideas. Thanks for the info. :)

The R For experience/expertise for how much R you can earn per hour. Who's the judge of how much expertise that person has and how much it's worth? Can't just let them price themselves. That's what contractors do now and it's a shit show, they exploit their customers. Would there be any regulations? Such as maximum R charged. Like a limit no one can charge over, regardless of expertise. I mean at some point they should just be doing it because they love doing it, right?

Hmm, okay. Makes sense. Just hard to imagine, when I've been so conditioned by this market system. I could see that working though. Okay, I will. Yes that is an important piece of information, considering how mining companies work now. And the fact that only certain regions of the globe have certain raw materials

I've thought for many years now that there is a better way  for things to be done. But people can't seem to see a world without money and jobs. Where they "need" to work to put food on the table. The real challenge is wrestling power away from those who already have it. People still believe that one day they could be the lucky one, the millionaire. And then all there problems would be solved. We know that's not the case. But that's the lie they tell themselves. And all the while the live unhappy, it's not right.

Hey, I just saw your message. Yes I would like to talk today but won't be able to until later around 6 your time. Does that work for you? I do believe I added you on skype. My name on there is as well.


Common planet is great initiative. The free market initiative proposed here is the trade deal we need. It's benefits everyone, not just the rich. All these trade deals like the TPP,NAFTA,CAFTA, only benefits the rich.


I think your in the right direction even further up the road than myself. However this idea of an RBE should remain an idea and not become a system to adopt until every ethnicity and every opinion is heard. The masters or elites should be ignored and not mentioned because the ppl ourselves enslave us not our masters. As long as we agree to live this way it will continue. Education on how our environment creates our behavior is crucial to the human ear and it seems that it should be the main focus. However you seem very intelligent and your ideas reflect mine, look forward to be enlightened by you in the near future

Personally I try to keep the idea fairly simple for now. I think of it as... everyone's job

Is to take care of one other human. Everyone networks with others and create or "occupy" automated factories for our materialistic needs. Of course everything should be made universal as possible and last as long as possible. Every persons niche would shine. Ppl would

Only work a few hours a week. There would be organizations that would go around and remodel homes when due and many other services. We would serve ourselves and not business. The elderly would want to give up their home for a young family to live in  if needed. The system would create natural laws like that because ppl would be handing down a true civilization for their grandkids where ppl are held up to their highest potential Instead of leaving behind a few dollars. Nations would work together and explore space for more resources. The leadership would be the ppl who come up with the most logical and reasonable ideas which would change naturally every few years and would be made sure to be diverse

I know what your feeling though, liken you need to get ppl to imagine what a RBE could be like. I've come to the conclusion that getting ppl to understand how the environment we create shapes our behavior works better. Remember it's baby steps with these sheep

 I'm looking forward to "Reflections" by Peter Joseph. He's got it down


I will go through it, but I think the global revolution driver can be global citizen to get over the old traditional corrupted united system built on EI and lies, this system can never continue for us and the new generations, young people are dying mentally and we are loosing their power to build because of corrupted systems and if these systems want to use them they are transferring them to followers faraway from any mental liberty.


It's good to hear from you. I definitely agree that the system is the cause of many problems. But I believe it is also because many people choose to follow the social norms instead of questioning things like; why is the system the way it is? Why are things the way they are? Am I satisfied with my current "life experience"?

I think that in developed countries the majority of people have comfortable enough lives that they don't feel the need for drastic change. Therefore, they do nothing. They conform to society. They cry and whine about politics, but they do nothing about it. And they are not willing to make sacrifices in their own lives.

Capitalism and globalization has failed and continues to fail society. And one of the most negative impacts has been the erosion of communities. Many people have been corrupted by the system. Pursuit of wealth places people in competition with each other. This leads to unfair and unethical behavior that perpetuates deceit, segregates people, and severs bonds that are necessary to keep communities united and strong.

It is clear to me that capitalism and globalization must not continue in their current form if humanity is to have any chance of creating a green economy that could enable a healthy and sustainable global society to exist on planet Earth for many years.

We have a lot of work to do! It's great to see a fellow warrior fighting for justice and freedom for all! I look forward to working with yourself and others to unite all of the warriors on our planet and continuing the battle for true freedom!

Protect and Preserve


Yes. It sounds idyllic. Thanks for sharing


I think it could have real possibility, I'm thankful that social media can help more with organizations that are taking stronger step ahead to help important issues in society


yeah lovin the idea but how do we get that going? the top 300 ain't gonna like it - but you are right - money is the problem or the way business has made it -


Very interesting! And good! Its interesting to see an actual alternative to the current system thats been in place for so long. Idk if i can really help there but maybe make it more clear that this new system has a huge emphasis on personal growth and encouraging learning and what not. The world needs more of that for sure haha! Also for me personally i don't see why things like stripping cant still exist


PA, USA     I like a lot of what is being said there, thank you for sending this to me :)


Common planet is great initiative. The free market initiative proposed here is the trade deal we need. It's benefits everyone, not just the rich. All these trade deals like the TPP,NAFTA,CAFTA, only benefits the rich.  I totally support this free trade proposal and universal basic income. Btw... I'm from India


Hi, I checked this out briefly, would love to further at length, love your stream & also saw you were recruiting likeminded here so please email if I can help. I did finish reading thru the R concept & I am no economist but love the ideas & would like to assist if I can :) Let me know what I could do to help. Thanks for putting your solutions on the table so inspiring to see people working to evolve


I can support Common Planet. It could be a stepping stone toward a resource based economy.



The ideas and proposals in the plan were solid and well thought out. I'm not a great advocator of 'currency', although your reasonings for Rewards or R's, were excellent and it made a lot of sense. It very much aligns with the ideology of The Venus Project, which I'm also very supportive of.  Count me in! :)  So yes, I loved it too. Peace and love, <3

Indeed, and Common Planet would facilitate the interim between current situation and TVP's global resource based economy, rather splendidly! Email is <3


It sounds wonderful. And a little too good to ever be true.


You guys are doing great work!

Sure. I'll take the links. Thanks for standing with our brothers and sisters in North Dakota. #NoDAPL


I like it and I have shared in several places. The only constant is change.



Sounds good.  If we're going to focus on our common planet, we need to focus on our common humanity as well. Racial and ethnic division "small group of white men" is counter productive. Civil rights must die for human rights (and responsibilities) to prevail.

I will do just that. I am very focused on common humanity, rather than interpersonal relationships dictated, controlled, or otherwise regulated.

Sounds great, I'll chime in


Sounds great. I'm interested in hearing more.


wow Adelina! thx. :) antoni



Interesting ideas. Would need much more info on how to save biological diversity, expansive interconnected land and water areas for wildlife, and other Gaia-stewardship. Humans are NOT the reason the planet exists, yet we treat it and all other life forms are mere commodities or, worse, impediments, to personal or business 'growth'.We reproduce like rats, or roaches, yet every one wants a McMansion and SUV and the quest for these things is destroying the planet. I live on a  small horse property, Those are fallign like dominos to unchecked, reckless development, It's heartbreaking. Nothing replaces the soul-quenching nourishment of living in open greenspaces sharing life with horses and other non-human beings. People who need that NEED that, yet the greedy are destroying what matters to us on a wholesale, industrial scale, with no regard for our pleas to stop. And once it's gone, agricultural/horse/wildlife zoning is never reversed by the commissions and zoming boards. Who would control these things with your plan? Is there a 'no growth' 'no development' consideration in your plan? A way back to values not hinging on worthless trinkets produced at great cost to the planet and end up in landfills in a few years. Is there a plan to repair our dying oceans, reefs, and terrestrial ecosystems? Would be delighted to discuss - Thank you. Cathy. You do realize folks will call this Communism and there will be resistance (and perhaps for good reason). But am willing to learn more. The planet is dying. The Great Barrier Reef has just been pronounced dead. We could have saved it 6, 10 yrs ago but kept making decisions for business and profit. This is serious and if there is a solution it needs to be a global one. And fast. Just IMO.


The one thing the world needs is change and I'm all for a global revolution. Thank you for mailing me this link Adelina it's appreciated, I'll have a read and get back to you with my thoughts, Caitlin


Hi Adelina. I really love this, it is how the world should be, but how could we all make this a possible reality ? X


Only had moment to what I see so far!  Very radical. Look forward to learning more


Everything that you stand for and what is on your site along with your tweets I agree with. We need more people who truly understand what life is about. Society has brainwashed the masses and in the mean time out earth is being destroyed and torn apart. The people are being divided more than ever and only love and compassion can fix that. I appreciate you spreading the word of what is really important in this world.


I am impressed with your plan. When can we start implementing this revolutionary plan


Adelina, I read your manifesto.  I appreciate the thought, care, and hard work you put into this effort.  My thoughts.  I do not think this can work.  There are lots of reasons for this conclusion, but the key one I have is I ultimately do not believe the human species is rational and good.  Your plan rests on the assumption that human beings are rational and that they are positive moral agents.  I agree with Darwin, Freud, Nietzsche, LeBon, and others-- humans are a violent, irrational animal.  I'm just too pessimistic about my species.  I hope I'm wrong.


I can say for certain, that such thinking is anathema to those who control us, and is  therefore worthy of pursuing .  Personally I have pondered how democracy can be made to work for every one, and developing the Common Planet  concept  seems like a great idea because I imagine  it will utilize available technologies to reach the masses and gauge opinion in real time. Every body needs to have a voice.


Everyone should be on free Tor and encrypted email for starters. Wikileaks uses this: . (I pay for Tor so I can have support, but free Tor will work fine.) And then everyone should get , which is also free. I haven't tried encrypted chat, but I would check out . That looks like it could be pretty good. It's going to be important that you all keep your communications encrypted and secure, because powerful organizations will want to dismantle this project quickly, which means you'll also need to be on the look out for agent provocateurs who try to derail your agenda or seem like they are taking you down a bad path. Anyone on a mod team, for example, should be people you know personally and have long standing connections with. Not to sound too paranoid, but you have to be really careful when you're talking about revolutionary ideas.....ideas that could change the world!!! :) I hope this all helps.


I, too, am massively concerned and your idea is quite brilliant. I'm happy to help on the privacy front, etc. And you're right - once it's out there, it's out there. Ideas are powerful! My name is Carrie, btw, which I don't mind using in back channels like this. :)




NY, USA  Sounds pretty enticing. A transformational change of society & how we live. Almost a 21st century outline for a modern day Das Kapital.


I like the plan. I have been sensing this type of result coming. Lately I am been made aware of the idea that we are powerful. That we give Away our power. We give away power by focusing on singularity: One flag, one pope, one president, blah, blah. You plan is beautiful. Thank U


Sydney & Bangkok

I've lived in socialist/communist countries as a volunteer.  Vietnam. and China. People are different.  In this system of R, there will be people who cheat and steal and bully.  Most people once they get a family, will do anything to give their kids the best chance.  When in fact, if they don't get anything, they learn for themselves, and survive better, not having to constantly fall back on parents for help. Which in effect makes them weaker. My best students were always from the poorest villages, and girls.  In these cultures boys had a head start and would always get the best jobs, irrespective of their skills, intelligence and drive.

Permaculture is the most sensible thing I've ever seen. But some people would get bored with the rural lifestyle, me for one.  I love my wilderness, but I love intelligence, diversity, creativity, wit, friends from foreign countries and travel.  I love a challenge and to thrive.  Nice idea.


Really interesting stuff - good thinking indeed. Is this shareable?


As a Humanist one cannot address the disparity without first  addressing the inequity on a global scale. Replacing the current  Feudalism disguised as Democracy with a Star Trek based philosophy and  economic model is admirable yet at the moment unattainable. For all this  to work requires enforcement both legal and judicial, in itself that  requires a set of laws and rules that everyone agrees too. One also has  to ensure the sustainability of the model that you propose both  resource-wise and population-wise. Contrary to popular belief the worlds  population has actually decreased in the last two generations primarily  due to medical intervention and education. This indicates an awareness  not usually seen in the hive mind or collective of our vulnerabilities  more akin to the model proposed by Kim Stanley Robinson in the Mars  series of a form of Democratic Socialism where every member of society  was obliged to participate in Government. Education and direct  participation are the keys to change, communism/communal-ism will always  fail when people are forced to participate where there is even the  slightest perception of the lack of choice or Free Will. It's one thing  to discuss the future and another to imagine how we actually get there,  How do you dissemble Nationalism without destroying cultural and  regional identity? Sadly although we are one race our insecurities and  tribalism dictate our social reactions to each other. Break a stick of  candy in two and offer it to two children, one will always say His piece  is bigger than mine! Getting to a place where that doesn't happen and  the thought doesn't even enter the mind is the challenge wouldn't you  say.

Kind Regards,


Using a biological metaphor can circumvent the religious aspect quite easily. Every individual is a cell or bubble abutting the next and so on. We exist holistically as an amalgam of the universe in which we are all interconnected. Nobody ever sees the Whole picture that way, which is in essence honest and correct. I hope I don't regret this but here you go.. Spam will be dealt with accordingly. Genuine discussion is always worth a perusal.


I read it. Beginning with a myopic dismissal of "reason" which automatically eschews requisite analysis and synthesis contrary to the author(s) singular solution in a world of multiplicity, the essay, regrettably given its sincere purpose, minimizes and misrepresents the current human, institutional, and governmental situation in which the world finds itself. Everything becomes "free?" Maybe in the fantastic future described in Star Trek in which the problem of energy scarity and unequal distribution is solved to provide limitless, free energ-abundance to every single human being on the planet. In the meantime, I'll paraphrase a perceptive politico-econo-biological observation by the estimable entomological scientist and social critic, E.O. Wilson (in the context of Marxism): "Nice theory; wrong species."

e.g., i inderstand the first quote but condemn its use w/o context or explanation.

you go, girls! very worthy project!


Hello, I must think things through, since each point much be taken into account. My first point would be with the best conceptual language and word usages. I would rather use the word "evolution" and not "revolution". DNA functions through evolution, and social evolution, through dramatic change through reasonable civility. The is necessary resistance needed towards change,  and, away from change, to keep the status quo, but violence is almost always a failure in "reasoning through evolution. "Revolution" has a serious violence cogitation, and it is always glorified  into militarism, "might is right" reasoning.  True reasoning tries to avoid violence as a means to an end. This is my first thoughts for now. This is a very complex and sophisticated task you are undertaking, just as the DNA molecule is crazy complicated and sophisticated, but it works through adaptive functioning change, "evolving ethically.



Basically a redoing of the economic system - which we need - however, in addition to R you need to tackle G - greed. That's what has got us to this point. Interestingly i just finished reading "change everything" by christian felber which talks about the same principles (limits on max pay, not charging interest etc) and currently reading molly scott cato's "green economics" so u got me at the right point in time!


Other than forming your own country based on these principles, how does one implement this?


I like it. I'm interested in understanding how we make it a reality.


We have to change our mind set, get involved in building decent homes for everybody, give our time, sharing is key. I like the reward system, it means that hopefully nobody gets left behind and it's a motivator to get involved, more time for people to be creative, less stressed, which means less illness


Very, very interesting!!!


i have read your provision adelina, amazing, thats a real revolution


The first part I must address is music, art, dance. That has product value, Respectfully DOES take production value. The bonus will immediately reinstall a hierarchy of classes.

The second part is not all people are good. Some are downright disgusting monsters. How do we cleanse the filthiest from our ranks and ensure our prosperity? How do we coerce people to do the dirty work?

Third, there is going to be a war like none other before any of this vision is actualized. The purpose will be to reduce the waste population as seen by the masters.

Money was created to compensate farmers for feeding armies. Armies were created to give productive purpose to idle and violent  members of society, to reduce the competition for resources. That necessary reduction for competition for resources is the only way to ensure that resources are not exhausted beyond a sustainable rate.

How low are you willing to reduce your standard of living to NOT reduce population of all humans? It's an inescapable ratio. There is NOT equal contribution by all to society. 1% to 5% run everything for everyone because they have the ambition and hunger for more. They are GREEDY.

Their hoarding becomes a treasure for reaping when the hoards themselves finally discover the ambition to want more. In the moment of taking from the greedy, in a form of war, the population is reduced by the conflict. A new order is instituted. Not different circumstances but different orchestration of the same struggle for sustenance. The chaos settles and the content find themselves once again enslaved.

Yin/Yang, the vortex. It's repeated by generation after generation fueled by personal desire for self preservation.



Very interesting!  And good! Its interesting to see an actual alternative to the current system thats been in place for so long.  Idk if i can really help there but maybe make it more clear that this new system has a huge emphasis on personal growth and encouraging learning and what not. The world needs more of that for sure haha! Also for me personally i don't see why things like stripping cant still exist


I just read it and can safely say we are on the same. My website should be up this weekend and it has more information about my book. These are the 5 minimum characteristics I propose for sustainable societies

Sustainable Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

  Cyclical Resource Use (C2C) and Advanced Technology

  Individual and Collective Psychological Freedom

  Effective & Egalitarian State Forms and Non-State Forms (NSFs)

  Holistic, Compassionate and Research-Based Education Systems


Adelina, I found the information provided to be an interesting thought experiment. Idealist (or people who refuse to listen, if like) could get on board and are often great visionaries. However, realists do a great job of implimeting practical methodology. We need both to realize a global revolution. There are a number of serious problems with the proposed that would need to be addressed and other potential issues that could arise through stage level analysis. That being said, we should never shy away from the difficult task of making our world a better place. Thank you for keeping the hope for a better world alive. The arc of a better world is long, but bends towards the goodness in humanity.

Addressing the standard of incentive (or increased value of certain work), while maintaining the absence of Masters. Example: In a free market, competition (Adam Smith Invisible Hand) directs that standard. Albeit, I don't necessarily endorse a capitalistic free market society, but The Wealth of Nation outlines a coherent and articulate position on mechanism. In the proposal, it doesn't express a mechanism to determine that value.  is my email. I hope my response helps. I want a more compassionate and responsible world for my children, so I am always glad to help those trying to make that a reality.



It's interesting. I get the ethical motivations behind it, but the major issue with moving over to a new currency is a catch 22 in that currency only has value in the peoples' acceptance to exchange it for goods or services and that acceptance is dependent on an already established acceptance of that currency.  Sure, I'd be interested to checkout the live stream.


I think what you all are doing could be an amazing step towards a beautiful future. It shares a lot of the same goals as the project I'm working on called Human Liberation Ecology, a new scientific framework (think Marxism but a broader cognitive-social-ecological focus with less confusing terminology) for figuring out how we can get to a happy healthy free planet. I'm still in the beginning stages, but I'll be publishing an article outlining a new theory of value called the Human Theory of Value within the month that you all might be interested in.


Excellent initiative! Sounds durable. When is kick off?

It's ambitious. Some might say too ambitious, calling you a dreamer. Don't listen to them. If it takes off it'll change the World, over time of course. What I read looks like a strategic  plan, a manifest. You need. a tactical plan, a business plan containing goals and detailed descriptions on how to achieve them. That'll keep you and your wonderful project on track. I bet you have relevant contacts with the right experience in your area that can help you with that.


I thank you and the other participants for your passion to improve everyone's lives.  It all starts with this.  In one sense solving all the society's problems is easy -- a third grader could do it:  don't lie, don't hit other people, don't steal, don't cheat, and so on.  The hard part is to get enough of everybody to participate.  You present a plan that could address a lot of problems IF everyone participated.  The piece says that how will be presented later.  How is challenge here.  A fundamental lesson from Peace Studies is that we get our power from organization, from working in concert.  Society's work is accomplished from our coordinated work together.  And WE -- the willing -- can work together to control our actions and make an enormous diifference.


Everything that you stand for and what is on your site along with your tweets I agree with. We need more people who truly understand what life is about. Society has brainwashed the masses and in the mean time out earth is being destroyed and torn apart. The people are being divided more than ever and only love and compassion can fix that. I appreciate you spreading the word of what is really important in this world.


We have to start somewhere no better time then now



i have read your provision adelina, amazing, thats a real revolution. its really strange, BUT i have just published an article very similar to yours , if u r interested tell me your mail to send it for u.  lets make a revolution, WE CAN.  jus sent the article to the mail, happy to c your comments


U have my support




That's a good manifesto of sorts.  Guideline, whatever you would like to call it.  No transferable R, and R dies with you.  Digital currincies are the future of course.  As fiat dies a permanent death I hope.  I will look at it closer tomorrow.  Email me at .. I am starting my training on wolf-pax Florida tuesday.  Been meaning to do this for months, scheduled one last month but had an emergency.  I will fight, think and work like Hell for anything that will dismantle our current oligarchy.  We need strong people that will make strong moves.  Stat in touch,


the ideas are beautiful


Adam Smith and Carl Marx believed, economics can change the world and lives of men. But what about Nature's plan for man? When Darwin came out with his Evolution theory, he believed, he is giving us LAW of Nature. But was it ? Man appear to have inherent DRIVES, that have much more than his economic and survival needs ! Adelina, though I have no final clue as as to what kind of a life Nature has in her mind, I would you to read my following blog-posts: …

and …   The insight you have shown about present society and its political institutions was unique ! The MASTERS who still reign earth are RIGHTISTS; representatives of the primordial jungle law. The very concept of Establishment was stated by them, as shown at:  I think what we cud best do is to write to as many Senators as possible in US ( I assume you are a US citizen !) as to bring-forth changes, we need their support. A french type revolution is the fastest to bring-forth changes, it is too bloody, though I think, the end result of the present day inequalities and rights violations will end only in such a REVOLUTION !  A proper COLLECTIVE of man only cud bring forth such changes, if NOT revolution. For that, we need to find alternative for politics based democracy, the CAUSE of all modern evils. Have you seen this alternative model of democracy ? :… …  I know, what ever I shared with you might CONFUSE the mission, than offer clarity. But I am confident, society can't be altered without taking into account the spiritual, or Nature's actual plan for mankind and individuals ! I am with you in all your beautiful endeavors ,  Warmest wishes /Abraham


"If ever mankind doth create true Liberty, Common Planet be thy name of the game"
  - William Shakespeare

"There is a lot of Common Sense in Common Planet. These writers nailed it, they obviously have impeccable taste. Pure genius stuff here"

   - Thomas Paine

"Common Planet is perhaps the greatest invention since E=mc2, period! mic drop.."

   - Albert Einstein