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by: Adelina Bajrami
November 18, 2016 My dad was born in a village of less than 1,000 people. My mom was born only a few miles from him. No one had a car or truck. Some had a horse drawn wagon. Some used a donkey. Some had bicycles. Mostly they walked everywhere, on dirt roads and paths, with plastic shoes called Batas. They all had chickens, most had cows, some had lots of sheep, or goats, and nobody had dragons. The latest and greatest was the few who had tractors; they all traded, shared things, built things, and celebrated together. They all worked hard but had no 'jobs'. They lived! There was a bus that would come, and take them to the city of Struga, less than 5 miles away just to the left of this picture on the lake shore there. A city of 40,000 where they would bring their fruits, nuts, grains, animals, clothing, & whatever else they made to trade in the market. They had just got electricity. They still pumped water from a well. No indoor plumbing; but my dad loves to tell me how his family actually had a bit of luxury that some didn't. They were fortunate to have an indoor 'bathroom' which was just a tiled floor, with a pair of large plastic sandals, and a hole in the ground to do your business as fast as possible. And a bucket of water, to wipe yourself with your bare hands. Eventually, they upgraded the bucket to a water facet with a short cut off hose. Pure luxury. They owned their homes. They had to. When they saved enough from trade, they would buy the raw materials and everyone in the village would help with the construction. Their homes were made mostly of block and some reinforced concrete. The exteriors were sometimes a brick facade. There were no mortgages or real estate agents or anything remotely like the labyrinth of middle men and paperwork that we've created in 'modern' times. They paid no taxes, or rents, and they were never threatened with eviction, that just didn't exist then. No one was homeless, ever. It was their house for life. Why do I tell you this? Because while they did not benefit from the modern technological innovations of much of the 20th century at least they were happy. They did not suffer from the insecurity of not having enough food to eat, or a place to call home. They did not have to worry about 'losing' their job, their home, and not having enough to 'afford' to eat. They did not have to worry about living. They lived... and they were happy. Not any more. Now they have TV, Internet and they all want jobs and Nike, Gucci, and material possessions. Now they are getting 'credit', which is just another fancy word for debt, and mortgages, and hardly anyone has chickens now. Forget about cows, it's cheaper to import. Let me tell you what's going to happen to them very soon when the next 'economic' crisis hits... they are going to be spending all of their money 'buying' food when they used to have plenty growing and trading about, but no more. Then, they are going to start losing their houses and their land to the Banks just like they are doing to Greece right now! In my country of birth, the USA, the number of people overdosing on drugs has become an epidemic. Could it be that there is too much stress, and lack of human connection? I think so. Capitalism has destroyed our natural human condition of cooperation and collaboration. And in no area of life today is Capitalism more insidious than in the purpose of Housing, Property, and Land. Far too many of these are 'owned' by people in pursuit of only money. They even program us to believe that somehow a House is supposed to be our biggest 'Investment'. It's supposed to be a place to live! First, the majority of houses or office buildings are built on speculation by these 'Builders' (Capitalists) for a profit. Then, other 'Investors' 'buy' these houses, call them 'Property' as a place for them to store their 'wealth'. They don't 'buy' them to live in them, vacation in them, or to use them for the purpose of which they are designed, but rather as a place to store their 'wealth'. How many luxury high-rise apartments are 'owned' by the rich? How many luxury 'vacation' houses are 'owned' by the rich? How often do they even use them? Or, more likely, they 'buy' them so they can park their $ and create a false market of limited supply and 'wealth appreciation'. They just have too much $ and told to diversify. It's always been believed people naturally must 'own' things. We've ignored the fact that we never really can 'own' anything. We are living, then we die. While we are alive, we do require the 'use' of things, and it is in this area we directed our attention. Here it is: Every person becomes caretaker of housing as a guaranteed right. It's yours to use and take care of. You are now responsible, for Property of your choosing. If you 'own' your home or have a mortgage, you become instant Caretaker of Record. It is yours for as long as you want it: no more mortgage, insurance, rent, or taxes. So, if you are rich and you 'own' 10 houses, in Common Planet, they are yours, you are now Caretaker for them, and you will never have to pay any mortgage, insurance, or taxes ever again. However, that also means you cannot charge or collect Rent for it's use. So the question you must ask yourself is: Which house do I want to live in, and which house(s) would I like to keep for vacation or other use? This is the same question you will ask yourself about all houses, property, office space, buildings, land, etc, whatever it is, that you no longer wish to be caretaker of, you simply release yourself from that responsibility and in exchange you get Reward value for them. Now that you have released yourself from them, they are available for others to choose from. Do you currently Rent? If so, then you will likely end up becoming Caretaker of that Property as the current 'owner' will probably decide to cash in with more Reward because they will not want to live there or be Caretaker for a house they have no use for. As current occupant, you will get first choice on that House if the 'owner' does release it. What about Homes that are 'owned' by Banks, Hedgefunds, Investment Funds, REITs, Insurance Companies, or any other Company? They are immediately available for real people to choose them to become Caretaker because Corporations, which we are now calling Groups, have no 'use' for them because the old model of 'for-profit' mode is no longer the game. It is said that fully 60% of homes are owned by ONE hedge fund in the city of Detriot, which means a lot of Renters and empty houses will finally have real people who will take care of them once again. In the Application, you will be able to verify all the housing, property, office, and land you own and what is it's current value. You will then choose which to become Caretaker of and which to be released, open to others to select. As more data gets input into the Application, others who Rent or are homeless will be able to begin selecting any available housing, office, property, or land for individual Caretaker-ship and even for Group use. Individuals can select their top 3, and the App can order preference first by Age and Value. For example, similar to, each Property will have a ranking, from 1-10, 10 being best, that determines what housing 'Level' a person has earned or 'paid-for'. If you currently live in a house with Value 6.3, your starting Level is now 6.3, then you would be able to open the Application, search for all available housing that meets your specifications of bedrooms, bathrooms, size, etc. that are up to Level 6.3 anywhere in the World, and be able to choose to transfer Caretakership. If you choose a Value 4.5 House in France, you would still be able to retain your current Level as you have 'earned' or 'reached' a level 6.3, however you chose for now to live in a 4.5 but in the future you will be able to see what is available up to Value 6.3 and select something whenever and wherever you want. The idea is that likely the younger generations will start at the bottom, as they earn more Reward, they too will have upward mobility throughout their Life without having to worry about losing their house. If you want to upgrade your house, you will use Reward to buy new appliances, flooring, roofing, whatever, and that will increase the Value of your house too, just like it would in today's World. You can even upgrade your current Housing 'Level' using your Reward currency, so for example, it might cost you something like 50,000 Reward for every 1 Value increase. Whatever the free-market going rate is, it could be more or it could be less, I have no idea. I do know for a fact that the 'cost' of Housing and all other 'things' will go down after the initial transition, as I've heard the Production capacity of existing factories and Infrastructure is greater than what is produced, so if we can increase the Production then the supply will be plentiful and the 'costs' will be minor. In addition, many Cities all over the World are going to unleash the Imagination of Engineers, Builders, Designers, and Artists to create new modes of transport, buildings, housing, indoor food centers and all manner of updates. We are about to unleash the True potential of Humanity, rather than disparaging our Race as a Cancer. People are the Solution, not the Problem! The Problem is Capitalism! The Problem is Greed!